15 Famous Women Who Are Way Taller Than You Already Thought

come in all shapes and sizes but some female a-listers are way taller than most imagine. It’s probably not super shocking that is nearly six feet tall but that’s because she stood next to much shorter ex-husband for years. Comparatively, it’s pretty astounding to learn that is also almost a six feet.

A few these tall women believed that their careers would be hurt because of their height; casting directors may have to look past an if she is significantly taller than the male lead. Other actresses, like Gwendoline Christie from , needed every inch of their respective heights to land the roles of a lifetime.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has claimed to be a few different heights over the years. However, it appears that the Shake It Off singer stands at around 5′ 11′.

Nicole Kidman

After the Australian beauty split from husband Tom Cruise (who stands at 5′ 7”), she said, “I can wear heels again!” The Academy Award winning actress is 5′ 10.5”.

Michelle Obama

The former first lady’s husband is over six feet tall and Mrs. Obama stands at 5′ 11”. She confessed on the  show that her height makes it difficult for her to be inconspicuous

Uma Thurman

The dynamic bride in Kill Bill is just a hair under six feet tall. Thurman stands at 5′ 11.25”

Allison Janney

The West Wing actress is an also six feet but she jokingly refers to herself as 5’12”.

Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver’s 5′ 11” frame allowed her to be a totally rad female protagonist in . However, the actress claims that she “lost a lot of roles because of [her] height.

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Tilda Swinton

The We Need to Talk About Kevin actress revealed on her resume that she is 5′ 11”.

Gwendoline Christie

Christie used her height as an advantage to snag the role of Brienne of Tarth, a noble warrior on  of Thrones who can kick anyone’s butt in Westeros. The British actress stands at 6′ 3”

Nothing came between Brooke and her Calvins back in the 1980s, not even her six-foot frame.

Aisha Tyler

The comedian, actress, and talk show host stands at an even six feet tall.

Famke Janssen

Janssen is more than believable as a powerful mutant in the X-Men series thanks, in part, to her height. The Dutch actress comes in at six feet tall.

Geena Davis

The Thelma & Louise actress had self-esteem issues growing up because of her height. She stands at six feet tall.

Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch is as tall as she is . The Glee actress is exactly six feet tall.

Kristen Johnston

This Emmy Award winning actress towered over most of her 3rd Rock from the Sun co-stars. She stands at six feet tall.

Brigitte Nielsen

You may remember the Danish actress and model from her days of towering over husband back in the 1980s. The Rocky IV actress is 6′ 1”.