15+ People Spotted in Public Who Clearly Don't Care Anymore

Losing the ability to care what other think is a truly thing. You can wear whatever you want, fart whenever you want, and make random noises all day without a care in the world. Or you can do what the people in these did because they clearly don’t care what other people think. Take a look at these of people who don’t care and act accordingly. See, don’t you feel like a total badass already? Use these photos as inspiration for ways you can show the world you have zero f*cks to give.

They See Me Rollin’

One Chair and Zero Cares


Meanwhile, at Best Buy

When You Don’t Give a Pooh

Get Out of Town

Never Skip Martini Day

Tubby Life

Slice of Life


Throwing in the Towel

Ruling the Rules

No Bucks Given

Sorry About Your Girlfriend, Bro

No Rules of Attraction


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