15 Reasons Why Fallout 4 Hates You

No one is surprised that the world of Fallout is a brutal one, but no one expected Fallout 4 to be so much harder than it’s predecessors. A nuclear wasteland is not exactly a comfortable place to be. We knew this in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. But when Fallout 4 came out, the first thing we realized was that this isn’t just a rough world. It is a world that actively hates you. So in the interests of trying to keep you alive, we’ve compiled a list of all the ways Fallout 4 is unforgiving. You better save every 2 minutes, because Fallout 4 is extremely punishing!

In Fallout 4 every single step treacherous,  with every morsel of you eat a serious decision of whether or not you want to take that much radiation. At times the can actually feel like more work than it is fun, but some of us really like that aspect of it. Vote for the aspects of Fallout 4 that you believe to be the most frustrating.

Ghouls Will Swarm You Before You Even See Them

Ghouls are so much faster than in previous games. Shoot off an arm and they keep coming. Shoot off both arms and they’ll just headbutt you. Basically, whenever you feel like you’re about to enter a zombie , you will be immediately surrounded and batted around by a horde of Ghouls that is up in your grill.

Enemies Use Cover Far Better Than You Can

That’s right. They will lean around boxes, show little more than their and tag you again and again while you shoot ineffectually into their cover. That perk you need to fire through cover in V.A.T.S.? Good luck doing anything else with all those perk points you put into making that possible.

Everyone Has Grenades And They Use Them Well

That’s right. It used to be when you saw a grenade, it would only very very rarely come within your general vicinity. Not anymore. Everyone has a grenade. Everyone. And they are almost coordinated in how they throw them to make sure you get rocked by them.

At Least One Character Will Hate Every Decision You Make

With all the physical pain going around, there’s plenty of emotional pain as well. There are plenty of characters that you’d like to have around, but the reality is that you’re going to have to alienate some of them if you want to play the game at all. Want to join a badass group of super soldiers? You’re going to lose one of your earliest friendships almost immediately. Good job! So you’d best make your choices early.

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Traps Are Brutal And Difficult To See

You’ll be walking through a bombed out building, maybe even the Massachusetts State House, and suddenly an explosion turns you into ash. You didn’t see it coming. You walk even more carefully the second time around. Explosion. Finally, you’re crawling through it as slow as you can, and you find the trap. Hooray, it’s over. You get up and then die from a follow-up trap. But hey, when you’re done, you can actually take those traps for yourselves.

You Will Always Be Irradiated

Always. Everything is filled with radiation and you’re going to be literally eating that will hit you with rads. And the thing is, the more you consume, the lower your maximum HP. So it’s a constant battle of “if I eat this, it will heal me, but then I can’t fully heal.” Your kingdom for a Stimpak and some RadAaway.

Your Radar Doesn’t See Them Coming

That’s right. Before, your Perception rating would give you a radius of awareness of the enemies around you, whether or not they were alerted to your presence. Now? Your radar only brings things up after they’re on high alert. Meaning, if you don’t use your eyes and actually see them, they’ll only be on your radar after they see you first. At least you’re not glued to the radar and paying attention to the actual of the game.

There Are Never Enough Bullets

You will run out of bullets from your favorite weapon. Then you will run out of bullets from your second favorite weapon, and then your third, and so on. And then you will be out of ammo, in the depths of an unfamiliar Vault, only then realizing that aiming is way more difficult, ammo is significantly more scarce, and enemies can absorb a lot more damage than ever before. Which is why every cache of ammo feels like .

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V.A.T.S. Doesn’t Pause The Game, Just Slows It

That’s right — when it used to be that V.A.T.S. would completely pause time and make it such that you can plan out your next five moves. But that’s not the case anymore. While it certainly gives you time to plan things out — things are still moving. That attack you were trying to pre-empt with V.A.T.S.? Well, it’s still coming, so you better pick your attack quickly. Once that bullet’s shot, it’s coming at you, and it’s going to hit.

You Like Power Armor? Too Bad.

While you get to have a set of T-45b Power Armor very early into the game, and you can even customize it to your heart’s content — but guess what? Fusion cores, you know, the thing that makes your power armor work? Those are going to be hard to come by, and when you use one up, it’s gone forever. But when you do get to use it, you feel like the ultimate soldier.

Everything Hurts More Without Power Armor

You will be lucky to ever recover if a Super Mutant hits you. Before, yeah, it hurts a lot. But in Fallout 4, you get hit by one of those big boys, or up close with a shotgun, or really, hit by anything without your power armor, then it’s going to hurt like hell. Falls will mess you up. So, you’d best have that power armor charged up.

You Are Broke And You Will Stay Broke

Everything is expensive. Bodies don’t have very many caps on them. And most of your caps are probably going into just maintaining status quo. This economy hates you. Diamond City hates you. You’re never going to find nearly enough money to do what you want. That’s why you’d best get your scavenging skills up to snuff.

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Wild Are Faster Than You

You won’t see those wild mongrels coming, and they keep low to the ground — right up to the moment that they bit your face off. They’re quick and agile and impossible to shoot from the hip. Hope you have the AP points to catch ’em in V.A.T.S., because they will rip you in two if you don’t slow time down.

Good Luck Protecting Your Settlements

There will never be enough junk in the world to be able to properly defend those that you recruited to your settlements. You will set up a radio beacon. You will bring people in to your settlements. They will die by raiders. And it will be your fault. Keeping your people safe is going to be top priority, because there are some people you want to stay alive.

A Raider Is Dangerous, A Pack Of Raiders Will Murderize You

That’s right. What used to be considered the default level 1 weak enemies of the game, in Fallout 4, raiders are packs of wildly dangerous hostiles. While you can take out one single raider without much difficulty, they are rarely alone. And very, very quickly things can get out of your control. One second you’re blasting a shotgun into some poor unarmored raider’s face, the next and you’re splayed out on the concrete after four popped up and mowed you down. That’s why you need a companion to watch your back.

Just One Super Mutant Will Rip You In Two

Yeah, we already knew that Super Mutants were tough beasts in previous Fallout games. In Fallout 4, they aren’t just tough beasts, they are enormous green murder machines that absolutely hate you. They are the dragons of the wasteland, which makes bringing one down feeling like you are the Lord of War