15 Ridiculous Jobs Celebrities Actually Employ People To Do

With riches inevitably comes power – especially for celebrities. While there are plenty of down-to-earth stars who simply live their life as any other ordinary person, many are high-maintenance celebrities who require small armies of entourages to cater to their every whim. Most of us have to make do carrying out our own tasks and chores, but celebrities with too much money can simply hire personal assistants to do the jobs that they do not want to.
The trouble is some have taken this to the extreme. Rather than hire assistants to help them out with their normal, everyday tasks, these famous have employed workers to do all sorts of and downright incredible jobs that most people would find completely incredulous. These are some of the weird jobs celebrities hire people to do – hopefully these assistants have had a better go of it than those on this list of celebrity personal assistant horror stories.

If nipple squeezin’ is your thing, then P!nk might just have a place on her team for you. That’s right, the rough-and-tumble songstress keeps a personal nipple pincher on staff, requiring them to perform their essential duty right before she goes on stage.
Coffee’s for the birds – nothing gets you pumped like someone fondling you right before a performance!
In 2013, Lady Gaga’s former personal assistant, Jennifer O’Neill, sued her boss for unpaid overtime. Among the many allegations that Ms. O’Neill made regarding Gaga’s clingy demands was one that required her to sleep in bed alongside her boss.
Apparently, the Lady doesn’t like to “sleep alone,” so the task of warming her bed fell to the warm body she had the most control over: her personal assistant. So, if you’re an up and comer with an interest in spooning, consider Lady Gaga’s employ.
There is nothing worse than having your valuable piece of electronic equipment run out of power. Ludacris didn’t have that problem in the early 2000s, as he had an assistant whose job was to carry spare batteries for his Game Boy and changing them when they were empty.
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Larry Ellison is not just an entrepreneur worth around $50 billion, he’s also an avid fan of basketball. The American businessman is so fond of the sport he has installed half a court on his private yacht so he can play whenever he wants. Of course, this runs the risk of losing basketballs into the water if they fall off the boat.
While he could afford a huge supply of basketballs, it’s simply impractical to fit them all onboard the yacht, so Ellison created a creative solution to his problem – paying someone to follow him on a speedboat and retrieve any balls that fall into the ocean.
There is nothing more important to singer and musician Rod Stewart than getting all of the sleep he needs so he has energy to perform on stage. This means he cannot have any natural or artificial light entering his hotel room before a show, as this could keep him awake.
To ensure this never happens, Stewart has his own team of people who go to locations before him to “darken” the rooms by taping up openings and cracks.
Actor Mark Wahlberg is well known for his timekeeping and for getting up incredibly early. It is something he takes very seriously to ensure he always makes a good impression and is never late for an appointment. This means that he has to take extra precautions, as trusting this job to a simple alarm clock might mean a mistake is made.
So Wahlberg has a personal assistant with the job of waking him up in the morning so he gets to places on time.
haven’t been easy for CeeLo Green since he catapulted to fame following his stint in Gnarls Barkley and the release of his solo album Lady Killer. He has been marred in controversy following drug charges and Twitter outbursts. Maybe this is why he needs someone to wipe the sweat from his brow.
According to several sources, someone from his entourage is tasked with wiping his sweat away while another simply has to unwrap and place chewing gum in his mouth.
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Most people expect royalty to live a life of luxury with valets and assistants catering for their every need. The British Royal Family is no exception, and Prince Charles in particular is known to have some rather strange servants. One of them is tasked with ironing the shoelaces of the next in line to the throne so they always look their best.
Another is an official undresser who takes off Prince Charles’ clothes for him and then puts them away. One report suggests that the prince may never have undressed himself in his life.
Basketball Nick Young, known as Swaggy P to many of his fans, has always been somewhat eccentric. Amongst the many things he’s done to grab headlines for his off court antics: he hires two men to watch over his shoes and ensure none are stolen.
The move to hire full-time guards might stem from a burglary in 2015 when his prized Red October sneakers were taken from his home.
To many, Mariah Carey would be the epitome of a high-maintenance celebrity, especially since she has a reputation for being something of a diva. That reputation was only enhanced when it emerged in 2008 that the singer actually has an assistant whose only job is to follow her around and carry her drinks. The unnamed woman also holds a straw so Carey never smudges her lipstick, according to vocal coach Carrie Grant.
Speaking to Virgin Radio, she said, “There was a woman that held her drink with a straw. That’s all she does, flies around the world as a drinks holder.”
Considering Oprah has launched several campaigns aimed at getting woman to get proper-fitted bras, it makes sense that she would herself take the issue very seriously. This might be why Oprah also employs an official bra handler.
This person is in charge of all things underwear, measuring Oprah so all of her bras are exactly the right size.
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If you thought the only notable piece of bling rocked by Nelly was his signature facial Band-Aid, you were wrong – he has a large enough collection of jewels to need a jewelry caregiver to travel around with him. After nearly a million dollars worth of ice was stolen from his hotel room in Las Vegas, Nelly decided to make his bling one person’s sole responsibility.
And if the things he says about his “Grillz” are to be believed, that’s probably a pretty fun job.
Although Gwyneth Paltrow was once known as an actress, she is now largely seen as a person dedicated to her idea of a healthy and holistic lifestyle. To that end, she had created her own weekly lifestyle publication Goop and released several books on the subject.
As part of managing her diet, Paltrow has a team of 20 people acting as holistic advisors telling her what to eat and testing her body to ensure she is living the perfect life at all times.
Many people would probably already assume has a fairly large and ridiculous entourage. Apparently, this extends to the pop star’s and beverage needs. According to Bill Hader, who spoke about the entourage Bieber had while appearing on Saturday Night Live, Bieber has a crew that holds his food and drinks for him while he’s not eating them.
If you’re a famous hip hop artist who hates getting wet when it rains and also hates holding an umbrella there’s only one thing you can do – hire someone to be your professional umbrella holder.
That was the job that Fonzworth Bentley had for several years before he carved out his own career in the music industry following appearances in several television shows.