16 Anti-Vax Memes That Question Anti-Vax Logic

“Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism.” Note the capitalization. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has spoken against anti-vaxxers – who are opposed to vaccinations because they believe they’re connected to autism and other disorders, despite no scientific evidence to support such a theory. Anti-vaxxers, who include a lot of , pretty much base their argument on a single essay that has since been debunked.

And even though, according to the World Organization, immunizations prevent 2 million to 3 million people from losing their lives each year, anti-vaxxers persist. Arguing with them via loads of common sense and scientific evidence seems to be pointless, so frustrated pro-vaxxers have found another outlet: . Memes that take down anti-vaxxers are humorous and even informative, but underneath all the hilarity is an underlying dark poignancy that people are getting really sick from easily preventable diseases. 

No Sense Of Direction 

Trying To Lead The Blind

Infections Are Good, Right?

When I Grow Up…

So This Mom Doesn’t Walk Out Of A Bar

Strong Arm Tactics

Anti-Heroic Moms

Childhood Prayers

Sometimes Wish I’d Never Been Born At All

Wrong Way

Early Endgame

Horrible Conversations

Just Stop

That Shield Should Work

Minecraft Disease

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