17 Hilariously Clever Ways Lazy Christmas Decorators Decked Out Their House

As much as everyone wants them to be relaxing and cozy, the holidays require a lot more work than just sipping ‘nog and getting presents. With many homeowners already dealing with difficult lists, preparing the ham, and hosting great Aunt Karen who’s up from Pensacola, they’ve turned to lazy Christmas decorations to at least let know he’s welcome down their chimney.

Lazy decorations at Christmastime are the miracle on 34th Street, bringing joy to the world using some of the jankiest trinkets available. If Santa’s elves joined him on his sleigh ride, they’d likely be impressed by ’s resourceful Christmas decorations. Christmas decorations for lazy people give everyone the chance to indulge in the holiday season, letting them focus on more important – like their awkward Christmas cards.

This year, deck the halls with boughs of out-of-date decorations, because everyone knows that the holidays are really about being a better person, and good people recycle.

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