17 Problems You Would Have If You Won the Lottery

Sometimes it feels like if you were to win the lottery, your entire life would be solved and you’d have no discernible problems left (except for your taxes, your taxes would be a nightmare). BUT there’s a lot of really harrowing, horrible, and emotionally taxing stuff that comes with being that rich. Think of the amount of wine you would have to consume, the amount of sushi you would have to eat, and the number of yachts you’d have to choose from. Don’t get me started on the yachts. If you won the lottery you would have a vast array of huge problems to deal with and nobody would understand you but your fellow one-percenters. So, just to put it all in one place, and the make sure everyone knows exactly how absolutely, rock-bottom sh*t it would be to have that much wealth, here’s a list of really the biggest problems you would have if you happened to win the lottery. 

Your Wallet Not Closing (And Your Butt Looking in Your Pants)

Not Being Able to Find Your Wine in One of Your Hidden Cellars

Stubbing Your Toe on Your Shiny Gold Door Stop

Not Knowing Which Kind of Massage to Get

Having to Decide Which Plane to Take to Europe

Somehow Having to Fit All Your Friends Onto a Boat

Having to Learn to Hate Roads

Your Bar Tabs Always Being So HUGE

2Having to Swim for Your Sushi

Needing to Learn to Watch Multiple Televisions (Like )

Having to Change Your Snacking Habits Completely

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Your Water Intake Suffering a Serious Hit

The Possibility of Losing a Very Expensive of Jenga

Having to Feed Your an Insane Amount of Laurent-Perrier

Always Having to Eat Rich

Running Out of Satisfactory Drinking Glasses

Having to Make Big Changes to Your Cutlery