18 GIFs of White People Failing

 Though we’d like to believe that some of these folks are attempting to sell a ridiculous product of some sort within the confines of an infomercial, there are others we just can’t offer an excuse for. Here you’ll find a collection of senseless accidents and over exaggerated , some complete with absolutely horrific acting. These of white people failing explore some of the harshest plights the middle class deals with on a daily basis, such as The Soda Spill, The Tape Measure Attack, and, brace yourself, the conundrum of how to correctly eat a hot .

Beware however, that all those who dare scroll past this point shall encounter some rather disturbing and horrifying displays. You’ll witness entire families attempting to raise the roof and brave some of the most inventions has yet to produce, including but not limited to, the dreaded Snuggie. That said, enjoy these funny white people fail GIFs and here’s hoping your own endeavors at menial daily tasks are more successful.


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