18 Hilarious Pictures of Kids Before and After Their First Day of School

The difference between the first day of and the last day of school is basically like the difference between heaven and hell. On the first day, you walk through the pearly gates of your new school filled with optimism, a sense of wonder, and a snack pack. Then you wake up for day two, and the reality of having to do this 179 more times kicks in.

These  of their first day of school will open your eyes to this horrible truth and make you want to laugh and also give these kids a hug. Don’t worry guys, there’s only 3,299 days of school left! Let’s all hope that act of going to the same place with the same day in and day out gets a little easier for these kids as the school year progresses. But just in case, maybe their should hold off on telling them about 9-5 office jobs. 
The Look of Defeat

School Daze

Day of Reckoning

Sometimes Day Two Hits You Hard, Bro

Only 179 More Days to Go

Too Tired to Go On

If You’re Not First, You’re Last

Tired Act

The Dawn of the Second Day

Not Again

I Immediately Regret This Decision

Slumber Party

End of the Day

Hide and Seek

Frazzled Dazzle

After Effects

Day Two Is a Hell of a Drug

First Day of College Vs Second Day of College
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