18 Reasons to Fake a Pregnancy

Now you don’t have to be a deranged teen in the middle of nowhere, or a celebrity looking to revamp your career to fake a pregnancy thanks to this /awful//terrible site, fakeababy.com or as they should probably call it, PeopleSuckTheyReallySuck.com.  
Want to get loads of gifts for no reason other than to break the trust of your friends and family? Fake a pregnancy! Get off work for baby check-ups/binge watching Netflix? Fake a pregnancy! Skip class for an ultrasound/bar hopping? Fake a pregnancy? Or just to demonstrate that you are insane or at least mentally imbalanced? This site has you covered. Because Internet.  
You can even get a personalized fake pregnancy test, fake ultrasound sonogram image, fake pregnancy belly for twins, and even silicone breast pushups. Awesome for cosplay, a hilarious fake pregnancy prank on your priest, and unethically useful elsewhere, these fake pregnancy bellies will get you all of the attention you need. Until someone takes you to a shrink or fires you or asks you to leave town.   
Maybe a teenager in Wyandotte, MI was thinking all or none of these things when she pretended to be pregnant with triplets. Gifts and support came forth in a tsunami-like wave as her boyfriend frantically searched for a job and prepared himself to be a young father of three. But after 10 months, no baby arrived. Because when the girl set out to fake a pregnancy with her fake pregnancy belly, she probably didn’t think far enough ahead/at all.
So when everyone was like “what?” she was all shrugs. The bright side for the teen was that she wasn’t charged with a crime or sued for fraud. Not sure if her 16-year-old boyfriend jet-packed out of that town, but we sure are hoping he did.  
So, what are the best ways to fake a pregnancy using products from fakeababy.com? And what useful things can we accomplish when we fake a pregnancy? Upvote your favorite fake pregnancy prank and let’s see who fake delivers.


Empathy for Your Partner
Strap on the heaviest fake pregnancy belly, tie on the silicone boobs, put on five pairs of socks and squeeze into your shoes, and then walk the . You’ll have a lot more respect for your pregnant lady.
Diet Schmiet
When all of those suckers are preparing for their beach body, you’ll be working on your Kim K. Pizza, beer, whole pies… nothing can stop you now. And no one can say a word.
Get Out of Those Awful Work Meetings to Pee
No one is ever going to tell a pregnant woman she cannot pee. You’re sitting there, super fake pregnant, all large and clearly in distress. You can get up any time you want. Take that, Jared from accounting and his boring Power Point presentation!
Get Paid Maternity Leave
Haven’t had a vacation in years? Boss is a jerk? Start packing on the pounds and then slip into your Fabric Fake Pregnancy Belly 38 Weeks Stage. Waddle your way into a long, relaxing vacation to Cancun where you will have to live because if you’re found out, you’ll have to hide there.
Get a Comfy Spot on the Train or Bus
As one woman in Japan found out, you can get a pretty sweet seat on public transport. But make sure you’re fake pregnancy belly is secured, otherwise your stomach will hit the floor and then your ride is over. Womp womp.
Make That Snooty Cousin Super Jealous
Look at her with her brood, living in her perfect house, baking cookies, and enjoying a life with her gorgeous husband. Well, two can play at that . Make it known that you’ve got some news and keep touching your super flat stomach until five months of dropping hints on your page and then WHAMMO! Show up to one of her snooty, perfect BBQs all glowy and refuse the mimosas. That’ll show her… that you need help.
Get Bumped Up to First Class
This one is dicey. You’ll have to use at least the 32 to 36 week Silicone Fake Pregnancy Belly and study the trends of certain frequent flyers. If you’re on a flight of nice people, you may be able to weasel your way into first class or at the very least, behind the bulkhead. But people are selfhish so pregnant women don’t normally get special treatment in this situation. Maybe a large church group or some Swedes?
Go Full Psycho
After you’ve used all of the products on the fakeababy.com site from the initial fake pregnancy test to the full-on fake boobs and belly, hire a series of actors to play your child from birth to 40. People will be talking about it for years.
Actually Prank People
Taking the lightheartedness of a fake pregnancy prank to actual heart, there are some situations where this is actually funny. But mostly not.
Find Out If He Really Loves You
Sure, you could establish open communication and trust, or you could just spring a fake pregnancy test on him. Fakeababy.com not only provides fake pregnancy bellies, they also sell heart stopping, love-killing positive pregnancy sticks. He did have all of those texts on his phone. He deserved it, right?
Get More Dates. Solution: Fake Silicone Pregnancy Boobs
There’s a healthy interest for round, curvy ladies who may or may not be pregnant. The Fake Silicone Boobs from fakeababy.com gives you center stage at least until someone sees you doing shot in a bar. Some people are into that, though.
Squeeze Some Gifts Out of Those Stingy Relatives
Aunt Margaret is always giving you those See Rock City coasters she finds in the sale bin every year for . By taking a page out of the fake pregnancy prank notebook of teens across , all you need to do is strap on your Silicone Fake Pregnancy Belly for Twins and wipe that discount smirk right off her face. Literally shower in baby shower gifts. Which you will need to sell in order to hire an attorney in case someone sues you.
Get on Springer or Maury
Missed your shot at fame? There’s at least 15 minutes waiting on you if you craft the perfect story (with the help of a writer you find on fakeawritingcareer.com), disappear for a few months, and then turn up with a tale riddled with holes but enough believability to bring in ratings. Thanks, fakeababy.com.
Get Chauffeured Around
Take a break from driving and get all the rides you need. With a super fake pregnancy belly (try the 32 to 36 weeks model) and fake boobs, you can guilt your driver all the way to the mall and back for months.
Triple the Baby Shower Gifts
Announce that you were wrong about having twins and that the latest (fake) sonogram showed a THIRD baby! IT’S A (LIE) MIRACLE!
Be the Devil, Make Pregnant Women Feel Bad About Themselves
After you’ve delivered your fake baby and he’s off with the Brazilian nanny on one adventure after another, whip off your fake pregnancy belly where you have been hiding a hard body. Go to work looking healthy and rested. Hopefully you will not be burned at the stake.
Go for the Oscar, Get the Fake Ultrasound
If only Glenn Closes’s character in Fatal Attraction could have had access to this site or the internet, she would have made sure Michael Douglas was so far up sh*t creek, Ann Archer would have needed a helicopter to pluck him out of it.
Fakeababy.com’s Ultra Fake Ultrasound Designs will make him think twice about ever trusting another human being again.
Get That Child Support, Girl
So the baby is not his but that is not stopping you from getting that monthly check. Fakeababy.com has a Fake DNA Test Laboratory Style that might even fool a judge. Joke’s on the kid, right?
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