18 Ridiculously Cute 'Running Away From Home' Notes Written By Kids

Like listening to the best running away songs, threatening to leave home is a rite of passage for every young child. If you aren’t getting your way, you blackmail your with running away. That’s just Child Logic 101. Once the initial threat is made, the reality of trying to survive in the world without your guardians sets in, and you curl up in your secret hiding place for a few hours.

These are running away letters from that’ll make you want to give them a hug. Not only will these  kids notes bring a smile to your face, but these goodbye messages will also teach you how to deal with adults who are being -heads. Vote up the letters that are the most adorable. 

Wrongfully Accused

Spice Of Life

It’s All Mom’s Fault

I’m Loving It

I’ll Be Back

See You Tomorrow!

McRunning Away

X-Son: Days Of Future Past

Mean Streets

Never Forget

Have , Will

Pack Your Bags, Because You’re Going On A Guilt Trip

Life In Ruins

Off To A Good Start

To Whom It May Concern

Straight Baller

Have A Nice Day

Somebody Needs A Time Out

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