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19 STD Facts to Text Your Ex Right Now

Do you think your ex is knowledgeable enough about STDs? Well, maybe it’s time to educate them a little. Sexually transmittable diseases can be uncomfortable, annoying, expensive, and sometimes even deadly, if left untreated. Some are curable, some are not. Wouldn’t it be a shame if your ex just happened to get some horrifying information about them, all at once?

All vindictiveness aside, the history of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) is a long and frightening one. It involves a lot of death, misunderstanding, and medical strife in all countries of the world, including the United States. Whether you’re distressed, curious, or just wanting to mess with someone, spreading around facts about STDs rather than STDs themselves is a pretty good practice.

So here’s a list of STD facts to send to your ex, whether you want to frighten them or just educate them on some important STD statistics. Who knows? You might even learn a little something yourself.

There Are Three Types of STDs: Bacterial, Parasitic, and Viral

Did you think there was only one type? Think again. Bacterial STDs include things like c hlamydia and gonorrhea, and are curable as long as you see your doctor and get the appropriate medication. Parasitic STDs include pubic lice, also known as “crabs,” and tend to be curable. Viral STDs, on the other hand, often have no warning signs or symptoms, and can cause irreversible damage before you even know they’re there. If that sounds a little frightening, hold onto your hats, you haven’t seen anything yet.

There Are Over 350 Million New STI Infections in the USA Every Year

This terrifying number includes men, women, and even youths, and seems to rise every year. The more terrifying thing? This number of new infections, recorded in 2015, only includes  chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, and trichomoniasis. There are even more infections besides that, worldwide, to the tune of one million new STIs per day!

People Between the Ages of 15 and 24 Account for 50% of All New STD Infections

This is a number straight from the CDC, so you know they have their facts straight. There seems to be this belief that younger people don’t have STDs, and that’s simply not true. In fact, that small age range of 15 to 24 makes up a whopping 75% of people infected with gonorrhea!

There Are 110 Million People Walking Around with STIs Right Now

If you’re wondering how many people have diseases right now, the number might shock you. In 2008, there were around 110 million cases of STIs recorded in the United States alone. The biggest killer out of all those sexually transmittable diseases? Hepatitis C , a disease that’s very difficult to diagnose.

If You Have an STD, You’re More Likely to Get HIV

That’s right, even if it’s a curable or treatable disease, having any STDs still make you more likely to contract HIV, a huge killer worldwide. The reason for this is that having sores, caused by many STDs, make your skin a less effective barrier. The same behavior that often causes you to get STDs also makes you statistically more likely to eventually get HIV.

HPV Is the Most Prevelant STI in the United States

Even though h uman papillomavirus (HPV) does have a vaccine, it is still the most prevalent new STI infection in the US. In fact, nearly all sexually active men and women get it at some point in their lives. What’s worse is that, although many of the 100 types are completely harmless, there are about 30 types that can put you at risk for cancer. Yes, even anal and penile cancer in men. So get vaccinated!

The United States Has the Highest Rate of STD Infection in the Industrialized World

The United States is such a sophisticated and advanced country, surely we’re handling this STD problem well, right? Not exactly. It’s actually gotten to the point where we have the highest rate of STD infection in the entire Industrialized world, exceeding some other countries by 50 and 100 times! That’s one #1 ranking we seriously shouldn’t be proud of.

Less Than Half of People Between the Ages of 18 and 44 Have Been Tested for STDs Besides HIV

There seems to be this belief that HIV is the only scary STD, so the others are no big deal and you only need to get tested for HIV. Considering diseases like syphilis can be deadly, and genital herpes is incurable, that’s really untrue. Still, that belief prevails to the point where less than half of Americans between the ages of 18 and 44 have ever been tested for anything other than AIDS or HIV. That means anyone in that age range you sleep with could have an STD and wouldn’t even know it.

Having Unprotected Anal, Vaginal, and Oral Sex All Put You at Risk for STDs

Maybe you’re one of the many Americans that still believe only vaginal sex can give you STDs, so if you go with oral or anal, you’re safe! Wrong again. You can get an STD through any of those types of sexual contact. In fact, anal sex is the riskiest type as far as getting HIV, so you should still always use protection.

Health Issues and Symptoms from STDs Are More Severe for Women

Getting a sexually transmitted disease really sucks no matter who you are, but it especially sucks if you’re a woman. You see, women are less likely to show signs and symptoms initially, so they won’t seek out care until things are really serious. It also doesn’t help that some diseases can spread to the uterus and fallopian tubes, causing infertility and pregnancy complications.

Chlamydia Is the Most Commonly Reported Bacterial STD in the United States

If you’ve heard of those STDs that make it burn when you pee, then you’ve probably heard of chlamydia. What you probably didn’t know is that this treatable but painful bacterial disease is the most commonly reported one in the US. If causes problems with both men and women, and can lead to further health complications if left untreated. Luckily, it is curable, so it’s worth getting tested if you ever feel even a slight pain downstairs.

85% of People with Herpes Do Not Know They Have It

Here’s the good news: Most herpes is only the small, incurable, but mostly just annoying infection we all commonly know as cold sores. That’s right, if you’ve had a cold sore before, you have herpes!  The bad news is that the other kind of herpes, HSV-2, is the genital kind, and most people (85%) who have it are unaware that they have it. That’s 1 in 4 women, and 1 in 5 men in the United States alone. Do you really want to gamble with those odds?

The Only STD That Affects More Men Than Women Is Syphilis

In general, women are more affected by STDs than men, but that’s not the case with syphilis. With this disease, 50% more men than women have it. Considering this one can cause lesions, brain problems, andeventually death, that’s one number guys should take pretty seriously.

Women Are 4 Times More Likely to Get an STD Than They Are to Get Pregnant

This is a pretty shocking one. Most women seem to believe that the worst thing that can come from a one-night-stand is an unwanted pregnancy. However, they are four times more likely to pick up a sexually transmitted disease than they are to get pregnant from such an act. Though both pregnancy and STD prevention are great reasons to always use a condom.

50% of Sexually Active Americans Will Contract an STD by the Time They Turn 25

If you’re 25 years old, and have been tested, and have never had an STD, then count yourself lucky. That’s because half of sexually active people in the United States have gotten some sort of STD by their 25th birthday, which is one heck of a birthday surprise. Luckily, most STDs are treatable or curable, but it’s still not a very pretty statistic.

The Annual Medical Costs to Treat STDs Amount to $16 Billion Every Year

Sure, you won’t be paying all of that 16 billion dollars yourself, but that doesn’t mean curing and treating STDs will come cheap to you. Some estimates place your personal cost of treating an STD at hundreds of dollars, which is even higher if you have one of the recurrent or permanent ones. HIV medication, in particular, is shockingly expensive.

You Can Get an STD Without Ever Having Sex

If you’re all about abstinence, you might believe that there’s no way you can get an STD. And maybe you also believe that if you only have sex with virgins, you’re totally fine. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Mothers can pass STDs to their children, sharing needles while doing drugs can pass diseases, and some infections, like oral herpes, can be passed just through kissing. It also doesn’t help that many teens define oral sex and anal sex as “not really sex,” considering both of those can, in fact, pass STDs.

Some STDs Can Lie Dormant for Decades

Some folks believe that if they have had no symptoms for awhile, then they obviously don’t have an STD and do not need to be treated. Unfortunately, that is definitely not the case. Herpes, syphilis, HPV, and even HIV can live dormantly in the body for months or even years without any symptoms, only popping up when things get really serious. So it’s worth getting tested even if you have had no symptoms for years.

You Can Never Get Rid of Herpes, HPV, HIV, or Hepatitis B

You might remember that we said there are some STDs that are incurable. Treatable, maybe, but once you have a few of these problems, they’re going to stick with you for life. Luckily, HPV and hepatitis arepreventable with vaccines, so they are at least somewhat avoidable. Herpes and HIV, though? You just have to be careful to be sure that you never, ever contract them.

40% of Women Don’t Know How to Use a Condom

There seems to be this belief that condoms are entirely the man’s responsibility, and maybe that’s why many women are completely inept with them. A shocking 40% of women reported not knowing how to use a condom, making it more likely that they would use one incorrectly, or simply opt not to use one at all. While the pill is effective against pregnancy, it does absolutely nothing to prevent STDs, meaning that without a condom you are far more likely to contract one.

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