20 Bizarre And Inappropriate Foreign Beer Ads

American beer ads follow a standard formula: Bros and babes have a killer time followed by slow motion shots of beers being poured and a reminder to responsibly. Foreign advertisers take a different approach to beer advertising with a special brew of equal parts random, , and WTF, and it doesn’t always work. This collection of foreign beer ads might not be considered the  beer commercials ever, but they’ll definitely get your attention. Cheers to these beer ads.

It Ain’t Easy Being Green

The No-Pants Beer

How To Get Belly Button Wasted

The Anti-Ginger Kid Beer


No Innuendo Whatsoever

So Many Questions

Toeing The Line

A Toast To Toast

Because Beer Always Gets Mistaken for Boobs

What The Sh*t!

The King Of Sad Norweigan Beers

Sausage Party In Costa Rica

Anal-yze This

The Anti-Wife Beer

Heineken: The Official Beer Of Werewolves

Pre-Prostate Party

What The German Are Into

The Birth Of Beer

Wait… What?

Or Else?

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