20 Funny Roommate Notes That'll Make Living Alone Look Great

Having roommates is a very important step in the human maturation process. It’s on-the-job training for any future marriages, discovering your annoying habits, and realizing that most are pretty difficult to live with. You’re not. You’re never the problem. It’s those roommates that need to realize you’re perfect and never do anything wrong.
This is why so many roommate fights tend to start with notes left around the apartment. Rather than dealing with the problem like a mature adult, roommates love to leave cute passive-aggressive notes around the house that only make worse. If you’re currently having a roommate problem, we feel bad for you, son. Here’s some of notes from roommates, so you won’t have none.

Love, Cookie Monster

Simply the Breast

Share the Love

Sick of It

Gnome Sayin’

Misery Loves Company

Don’t Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Sorry About Your Fridge, Bro

Give Pizza Chance


Flushed Away

Along Came a Spider

Middle of the Pack

Haikus Are Easy

Slug Life

The Iceman Cometh

Snake Charmer

Jurassic Trash


Dishes Scmishes

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