20 Hilarious Brain Expanding Memes That Will Get You Through The Rest Of Your Day

for thought gets a whole lot spicier when you start adding a healthy dose of brain-exploding to your timeline. Using neon-colored designs and a bit of text, brain-expanding memes and cover the transition from mundane to transcendental. Okay, maybe they’re not exactly transcendental, but these comedic certainly remind us why we behave the way we do.

In the collection of brain-blast memes below, you might just learn something new about yourself. A couple of memes even pop up, adding another perspective for your brain to decipher. Ultimately, these jokes enhance your understanding of how work, and they use pretty to ensure you won’t get bored.

How Drugs Work

How To Be The Best Boy

Making Enemies

This Counts

The Laws Of Attraction

Best Of Both Worlds

The Creative’s Conundrum

Part Of A Balanced Breakfast

Know Your Rights

Bark On The Brain

Well That Settles That Debate

The Wipe Way

Cracked The Code

The Hottest

Free Market < Free Mind

, Wind, And Fiery Hot Takes

The Alt-Wrong

Much Better Than A K-Hole

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