20+ Weightlifters Who Look Like They're Taking a Massive Dump

The face  make when they lift weights is the exact same face people make when they’re having issues in the butt department. Yeah. Butt issues. As you’ll see in these of weightlifter , the struggle is very . All you have to do is trick your brain into thinking these funny weightlifter are actually of them pooping. If you do that… you’re going to have a good time. Enjoy these photos of funny weightlifters! If you’re sitting on the toilet while you’re reading this, that’s extra credit!

The Official Face of Constipation

The Weight of the World on Her Shoulders

The Day After the Chili Cookout

Hot Sauce Face

Release the Demons

When the Turtle Head Is Poking Out

How to Make Your Neck Disappear

Taco Tuesday Face

Total Poophoria

Post Beef and Cheese Face

Dead Weight

Damn You, Hot Wings!

A Case of KFC Face

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!

Exorcising the Booty Demons

Spitting Red Fire

When It’s an Emergency

When Your Body Betrays You

Why Did I Whole Milk!?

A Case for Depends

Jalapeno Face

Taking Care of

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