21 Funny Do Not Disturb Signs You'd Happily Hang on Your Door

Do not disturb signs are supposed to be our sleep and time protectors, but often they seem to be ignored. You’re at a hotel, trying to enjoy a proper night’s sleep or get your freak on, and the maid thinks to herself, “you know what, I better knock loudly ten times, just to make sure.” You get abnormally angry at someone who’s simply trying to do their job, and they get mad at you for being so rude. It’s a vicious cycle. These are do not disturb signs that should hopefully fix all future disturbances of the peace. Or, you can simply put a sock on the door knob. That is universally understood. These are definitively the do not disturb signs ever.

         Fort Kickass Underway

         Do Nut Disturb

         Everybody Hates Chris

         One Word To Ward Off Them All

         What About Bob?

         Ben Dover

         Back in

         For Historical Reference

         Prostate of the Union

         Hump Day Policy

         Sheep Are My Peeps

         Hard Rock Life

         Don’t Knock For Knockers

         Porn to Be Bad

         By All Beans

         Zero Percent Chance of Woman

          Chimpin’ Ain’t Easy

         About Last Night…

        “Grrrr” Means Go Away

         Nacho Ordinary “Do Not Disturb” Sign

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