21 Hilarious Pictures of People Being Arrested in Costume

If you’re going to be arrested at some point in your life, you should do your best to try and coordinate so that it happens on a day you’re wearing a costume of some sort. These are of arrested in costumes, and boy are they lucky – well, as lucky as someone on their way to jail can be.

With all of the scary clown going on in these days, you have to feel for cops dealing with people in costume. So before you witness these photos of people in costumes going to jail, make sure you put on your favorite costume. Come on, you know you have one hanging in your closet for costume emergencies. 


Weathering the Storm

A Very Hairy Situation

Udder Disaster

Goodbye, Kitty

Not Loving It

Would You like to Build a Snowman… In Jail?

Well, Pooh

Peace of Mind

Monkey Business

Snow Problem at All

Web of Lies

Cuffed by an Angel

O Captain! My Captain!

Take Me to Neverland

Polar Express

Mouse Trap

Claus for Concern

Man vs. Clown

Red Dawn

Sinking Ship

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