22 Animals That Look Way More Terrifying When They're Hairless

Beware: before venturing any further, the , hairless you’re about to see can never be unseen. Here, you’ll find a collection of some of the creepiest, , and just all around gross hairless ever to find their way onto the . Though not for the easily freaked out, if you’ve ever wondered what some of your favorite animals looked like without fur or feathers you’ve come to the right place indeed.
This is where you’ll uncover the horrible truth about what kittens look like without their fur and exactly how much charm that adds to the average dog. You’ll see animals that are so ugly they’re almost cute to sh*t that’s just straight-up made of nightmares.
So if you’re ready to see what lurks beneath you and the thin layer of hair that covers most animals, take a deep breath and get ready to see the ugly underside of nature.

This Poor Hairless Baboon Spotted Alone I The African Wild

This Female Bear Suffered A Case Of Sudden Hair Loss At A Zoo In Germany

This Hairless Rodent Is A Naked Rat Mole, AKA “Sand Puppy” or “Desert Mole Rat”

Age Has Not Been Kind To Oscar, The 35-Year-Old Moluccan Parrot

Researchers In Israel Have Found Ways To Selectively Breed Featherless Chickens

Hairless Lab Rats Are Used To Research Immune And Kidney Diseases

Mange And Fungal Infections Can Sometimes Cause Hair Loss In Wild Raccoons

This Baby Echidna Is One Of Only 24 Ever Bred In Captivity

This Caterpillar Is Not Only Bald But Also Albino

Cinder The Chimp Suffers From Alopecia, A Condition That Causes Hair Loss

Syrian Hamsters Have A Rare Genetic Gene That Can Result In Hairlessness

No One Is Quite Sure What Causes Some Horses To Be Hairless

This Hairless Rabbit, Born In 2009, Eventually Grew Fur As He Got Older

Betty the Hedgehog Was Born Hairless But Healthy At A UK Rescue

Hair Loss Caused By Alopecia Is Common But Curable In Ferrets

This Hairless Khlala Once Won The Title of “World’s Ugliest Dog”

Sphynx Have A Mere Peach-Like Fuzz Rather Than Fur

Aardvarks Are Born Hairless But Fluff Out With Age

Illness Caused By Mites Can Cause Hair Loss In Squirrels

This Baby Wombat Was Orphaned Before His Hair Developed In His Mom’s Pouch

Genetically Modified Hairless Guinea Pigs Are Sometimes Called “Skinny Pigs”

This Bald Baby Penguin Had To Be Given Extra Nutrients To Help His Feathers Bloom

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