22 Cringeworthy Times People Were Caught Lying On Social Media

What is it about  caught lying on media that always seems to produce that warm feeling of justice having been served? If you’ve ever been friends with people who lied on , , or any other platform, you may already know the nice fuzzy feeling that comes from seeing some bold soul call them on their bullshit. If however, you’ve yet to be fortunate enough to experience the unique joy of online lair-shaming then today you’re in for a treat. 
Here you’ll find an entire hysterical collection of people caught in lies on and the virtual heroes who foiled their attempts at trickery. Know someone guilty of such online crimes? Do them a favor by showing them the error of their ways via this evidence of just how wrong the online lie can go.
Don’t let it happen to you! Behold this evidence of why honesty is the best policy as you get a load of these  lies people were caught in.

Oh Yeah, There Was That Too…

When You Caught No Air But People Caught You

Theft Is No Joking Matter

The Horrible Truth About The Teletubbies’ Day Jobs

Ah Yes. That Would Explain

Double Whammy

Get ‘Em, Girl

Maybe The Club Couldn’t Even Handle Her Right Now

Take Notes, Indeed

Chipotle: Destroying Visions Of Veganism Since 1993

The Downside To Just Watching The Leo-Flick

WikiCommons: When Dreams Be Takin’ Their Damn Time

Might Wanna Study A Little Harder For The Stealth Section Next Time

Your Girlfriend Is Girl-Fake

The Horrors of First-World Poverty Revealed

It’s The Thought That Counts?

When Taco Bell Can’t Even With Your Bullsh*t

Keepin’ It Crunk In The Arts And Sciences Section


Elementary, Dear Dumb*ss

Bet She Wasn’t Bankin’ On This

Unpacking Your Lies

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