22 Hilarious Fliers Found on College Campuses

College students all over the world are familiar with the campus flyer. College is full of traditions, but none are more time-honored than campus flyers. It’s where you can find anything. Even in this day and age, students still love leaving posters around campus offering services, inviting to parties, and looking for lost pets. Why? No one knows. It’s just one of those traditions that has survived the test of time. The campus community board is like . Yes. It’s just like baseball. Take a moment from your busy day of working in the world and come flyer away with this awesome and definitive collection of campus flyers.

Bird’s Eye View

Dude, Snow Way!

Sweet Caroline

Growing Pains

A Little Strip of Free Advice

The Human Project

Clever Girl

The Crying

It’s a Little Chewy

Looks Good on Paper

Snake in the Grass

Hello and Goodbye

Apocalypse Meow

Spies Like Us

Awesomemania Running Wild!

The ’s Pajamas

Previously on Lost Boys…

Avoid the Zoid

A Crack in the Case

Like a Virgin

High Times

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