22 Photos That Mayonnaise Lovers Will Truly Appreciate

Mayonnaise is one of the most mysterious in the world. How is it that a can taste so horrific on its own, yet taste so dang good when mixed with other foods? Sure, mustard and ketchup are technically better and more universally accepted condiments, but mayonnaise is the most utilized condiment on . If you love mayonnaise and secretly celebrate “Cinco de Mayo” every May 5th, you’re going to love these mayonnaise and . And if you publicly tell everyone you hate mayonnaise, but secretly eat it all the time, you’re going love this gallery too.

Sink or Swim

Lord of the Sandwich

Worst Office Prank Ever

Lethal Sandwich

A Nice Commuter Snack

When Regular Mayonnaise Just Won’t Cut It


Doritos from Hell

For a Better

No-So Cleverbot

Whip it Good

Mayonnaise Bandits

One Mayo Band

Afternoon Snack

All White, All White, All White!

Mayo by

Naughty Mayonnaise


Mayonnaise Man

Mayo Reconsider

Instrument of Destruction

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