22 Rorschach Inkblots and How You Are Supposed to See Them

Ever taken a Rorshach test? This list of Rorshach inkblot includes explanation of how you are supposed to see them. These include 10 inkblots in the standard Rorschach test as well as other ambiguous designs. The Rorschach technique involves a psychological test in which a subject interprets an objectively meaningless abstract image. His answers are then used to evaluate his thoughts patterns, emotions, and other personality characteristics. The test is named for its creator, Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach, who published a book called Psychodiagnostik in 1921. 

So what do you see in these inkblots? A butterfly? A star? A rendering of your favorite One Direction band member? What you find out from this inkblot test my tell you something important about yourself! It’s all in the ink! 

Headless Woman in Elaborate Bat Costume

Kleenex That Clown Used to Remove After Murder Spree

Hermaphroditic Drummers at Carnival, with Pyrotechnics

Godzilla Taking a Stomp Break to Assess Situation


Rug Made of the Hide of Falcor

The Sad, Slow Division of Pangaea

Trained Chupacabras in a Circus How Did They Do That

The Finale of “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King”

The Finale of “Under the Sea”

A Juju Doll That You Should Probably Just Put Down

Praying Mantises in the Heat of a Competitive Dance-Off

An Old-Timey Mask You Keep Around in Case Your Town Gets Bombed Again

The Cloak You Get When You Become a Jedi

Is there a ceremony for that? For Padawan graduation?


Little with Antennae Playing “Ring Around the Rosy,” Which Is About the Great Plague

Also they are exclusive and won’t let anyone else play

A Butterfly That Isn’t Doing It Right

Old Ladies Gossiping on the Porch Taking a Break from the Bagpipes

Hornets Who Are Lovers, Not Fighters

The Angel of Death, on Ice

Little Old Men Riding Sea-Doos

A Heart Are You Kidding Me

Terrible finale
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