23 Funny Liquor Store Signs

Here you’ll find a variety of shop owners who like to keep prospective customers on their toes by advertising their wares via creative, witty, and hilariously liquor store signs that are destined to put a grin on your face. You’ll see everything played out from the brutal honesty tactic, to the playful pun, to the delightfully random stock market tip. 

High Standards = Nailing It

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Makes Sense


Go Home Sign, You’re Drunk

How to Keep Conspiracy Keanu Busy Forever

That’s the Bottom Line

There’s Always a Silver Lining…

This Sign is Throwing You So Much Shade Right Now

That Awkward Moment When it All Comes Full Circle


Painfully True

Well Played Sign, Well Played

Hard Times

Coincidence? Doubt It.

Never Understocked

I’ll Buy That

A Depressingly Valid Argument…

Best Father’s Day Ad Ever

Excellent Points, Coach Driver. Excellent Points, Indeed.

Not Always True

Faith in Humanity Restored


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