24 Epic Snapchat Insults

If you use the photo-messaging app Snapchat, you know how fun it can be to send a photo with a caption or drawing on it and have the delete itself in a few seconds. Since Snapchat messages delete themselves, they probably can’t come back to haunt you if you send a half-naked or horrible insult… or can they?
Because of Snapchat’s self-destructive behavior, there isn’t as huge of a depository of mean Snapchat messages as you might imagine there would be on the . We scoured the Web for the best Snapchat insults and know you’ll have a laugh at someone’s expense.
So how do you like your Snapchat insults: with just a plain caption or a side of photo painting? If you’re looking to up your insult , Snapchat just might be the media platform for you. Take some lessons from the Snapchatters below who know how to throw some serious shade an be sure to upvote the best Snapchat insults and sickest burns.

The Tinder Truth

Take out the Trash

Skymall Gets the Point Across

When a Store Gets Sassy

Wide Load Coming Through

You’d Think an Author Would Know Apostrophe Rules

You Can Feel the Electricity in the Air

RIP Grande Skinny Vanilla

…For Rings?

How to Make Your Angry Mom Even Angrier

We Could Have Sworn It Was a Planet

So That’s What Duckfaces Are Really About

Maybe “Third Wheel” Is the Newest ?

For When These Bitches Frontin’

Hope You’re on the Road to Recovery!

Dollar Tree Speaking Truth

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That’s a Good Yarn

When She Won’t Stop Texting You, Even Though You’re Openly Ignoring Her

These Are Dark Times

For When Too Busy Textin to Talk

Putting Your Bros in They Place

Just Another Basic College Experience

When You Gotta Assert Dominance Over Your Bros

And on the Seventh Day, He Created Snapchat

Aren’t Good at Anything