24 Nerdy Cakes That Were Total Fails

Do you have a nerd or geek in your family with a birthday coming up? Feeling pretty confident in your ability to whip something up that they’re destined to love? Well if so, then you may want to hold that thought for one second while you check out this collection of nerd cake .      
It’s not as easy as just throwing a dragon on something, or adding a thing that kind of resembles a magic wand which you’ll see in the following examples of geeky cake fails. Here you’ll see castles that turned out accidentally pervy and   that the force was so not with.  

So whether you’re a nerd yourself, looking to make a tasty treat for one you love, or are just out for a good laugh, these bad nerd cakes are just what you’re looking for.

If the Force Can’t Be With You, At Least May the Horce

The Most Phallic Fairy Tale Ever

When Your Minecraft Cake Steps on a Landmine

That Looks More Like Mr. Potato Head

R2-D2 Might Need Weight Watchers

Putting the Storm Back in Storm Troopers

Spock Was Big on Manners

Yoda As an Ape

Hulk Melt!

Not so Chewy

Why Non-Nerds Shouldn’t Make Nerd Cakes

Nailed It!

Just Stick Some Flags in It

One Job. This Guy Had One Job.

It Can Get Heated

Just Kill This Poor Dalek

The World’s Most Terrifying Unicorn

That Awkward Moment When Your Elsa Cake Gets White Girl Wasted

The Accidental Nerd Cake

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This Definitely Haunted Pikachu

Uh… Harry?