25 Gruesome Historical Depictions of Torture

Are you an up-and-coming black metal band looking for free album ? Are you ready to take the next big promotional step after your photoshoot in the woods? Or are you maybe just a curious art aficionado testing the waters of human depravity and historical violence? Either way, you’ve come to the right place, as a healthy dose of gruesome historical depictions of torture lie ahead. 
For those art aficionados, you’ll find all the familiar touchstones to appreciate, with the added bonus of eye gouging, flaying, and heretics burned at the cross. For the metal heads, get a lof of this – the list is full of grotesque torture art that just so happens to be in the public domain. That basically means these nauseating depictions of torture are 100% for you to drag into your pirated version of and lay a wicked looking free font on top of (perhaps Metal Lord Regular?).
Not only are these disturbing paintings of torture, they’re historical depictions of torture, which adds a much-needed layer of sophistication to your Bandcamp page. Or, if you’re just here for the art, you’ll have some thoroughly scandalous to talk about over olives and wine at your next cocktail hour. Interrupt that sanctimonious associate professor rambling on about Jonathan Franzen with your newfound knowledge of the myriad ways have been sliced and diced throughout

The Judgment of Cambyses - Gerard David, 1498, Netherlands

The Martyrdom of St. Bartholomew – Mattia Preti, 1660, Italy

Codex Balduini Trevirensis – Artist Unknown, 14th Century, Germany

Folter mit Hunden – Artist Unknown, 1548, Germany

The Image of the True Catholicke Church of Chris – John Foxe, 1563, England

Apollo Flaying Marsyas – Luca Giordano, 1678, Italy

Historische Darstellung der Torturen – Artist Unknown, 1572, German

A Torture Chamber of the Spanish Inquisition – Bernard Picart, 1722, France

Tityos – José de Ribera, 1632, Spain

H Porni O Filargyros – David Selinitziotis, 1727, Greece

Martirio de San Bartolomé – Francisco Camilo, 17th Century, Italy

The Martyrdom of St Apollonia – Jean Fouquet, 1452, France

Like Sheep They Are Laid in the Grave – James Tissot, Late 19th Century, France

Pope Leo the Great Persuades Genseric – Maïtre François, 1475, France

Untitled – Artist Unknown, 16th Century, Germanic

Menologion of Basil II – Artist Unknown, 11th Century, Italy

Ein Ehemann als Marterknecht – Vinzenz Katzler, 1868, Austria

Martirio di San Bartolomeo – Artist Unknown, 1330, Italy

Untitled – Bartolomé de las Casas, 1664, Spain

Scenes From the Legend of St George – Artist Unknown, 16th Century, Belgium

Sts. Savinus and Cyprian Are Tortured – Artist Unknown, 1100, France

The Last Judgment (Detail) – Hans Memling, 1467, Belgium

The Torture of Ixion – Giovanni Battista Langetti, 17th Century, Italy

An Auto-Da-Fé of the Spanish Inquisition – Henry Duff Linton, 19th Century, England

Das Martyrium des hl. Bartholomäus – Aris Kalaizia, 2015, German

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