25 Oddly Sexual Yearbook Quotes

Coming up with a memorable quote is never an easy assignment, but the students responsible for this collection of oddly sexual yearbook quotes and yearbook quotes definitely passed that test. This gallery contains a plethora of “that’s what she said” quotes, inside jokes, and double entendre galore. Like an infamous , dirty yearbook quotes stick with you forever, and forces your classmates to remember you, for better or worse.
If you have a dirty mind, then you’ll probably think these seniors totally nailed their yearbook quotes. As for the rest of you, they’ll probably just make you really uncomfortable. 

Yearbook Boner

Boo B’s

The Next ?

That’s What She Said

Ho Fo Sho

Cold Hard Facts

Period Piece

It’s A Toss Up

Play Ball

Oral Presentation

Hot For Teachers

The More You Know…

A Tough Yearbook Pill To Swallow

Thanks For The Nightmares, Bro

Yearbook Quote Shocker

GIve Pants A Chance

Dirty Sweaty

The Scientific Code For “Back That Ass Up”

The Rules Of Attraction

The Big Short


It’s A FAP!

No Butts About It

Faith No More

Womb There It Is

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