25 Photos All Wise Guys Can Appreciate

Smartasses occupy their own specific niche in humankind, combining a biting sarcasm with a knack for intelligent observations. They constantly police any and all spaces to ensure nothing is taken too seriously, including the scenarios seen below. If you’re a card-carrying member of the smartass society, you’ll love these smartass and sarcastic ; they may not make the world a better place, but they definitely make laugh. From passive aggressive store signs to cheeky bar advertisements trolled to perfection, these photos prove that smartasses are everywhere and there is no escaping their keen eyes.
Open And Shut Case
Bill Of Rights
For What It’s Worth
Smartass Librarian
A Spell Of Sarcasm
Falling In Line
On The Fly
Back-To-Back Mysteries
Jobs Well Done
Escalating The Situation
The Shape Of To Come
Milking It For All It’s Worth
Strokes Of
What The Hell?
More Than Meets The Eye
Get Smart
Save The Date
Total Dick Move
Shocking Revelation
That Do-Nothing Attitude
Smartass Smart Car
Hope Floats
Alienating Scientology
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