25 Unbeweavable Hair Weaves

These aren’t your ordinary, everyday weaves. These are the most “unbeweavable” hair weaves ever crafted in a hair salon. What does that mean? Well, it means that these are some seriously hair weaves. Before you embark on a journey through this epic gallery of funny and downright hair weave , remember to remind your friends to please weave responsibly. From the Oreos weave, to the Elmo doll hair extensions, these are the most hair-raising weaves in the of the .

Zip Your Lip

Also Comes in “Double Stuffed”

Catch the Rainbow

Eye Don’t Believe What I’m Seeing

Tickle Me Pink

Basket Weave

Nacho Ordinary Weave

Take it or Weave It

Make Weave Again

Oh Come on, All Ye Faithful

Get Out of Hair

When You Don’t Carrot All

Simpsons Did It First!

Kool Weave

Oh Hair No!

Weave it Alone

Fruits of Labor

So Money

For Chapped Weaves

Catch the Wave


Weave It up in the Air

Pretty in Pink

Take a Weave of Absence

Rising Sun

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