25 Very Clever Shower Curtains That Will Make You Smile

If you don’t have one of those showers with a door, shower curtains are a necessity unless you want to flood your bathroom. But that doesn’t mean you have to have the same old boring shower curtain as everyone else. As you’ll clearly see from the here, the right shower curtain can totally turn your boring bathroom into a place that some might consider using in the case of a shower emergency. Which of these shower curtains do you think would really pull your bathroom together? Vote up your favorites!

I Said, “Hey! What’s Going On!?”

What? Unicorns Have to Shower Too!

King Kong Ain’t Got Nothing on This Shower Curtain!

Shower Old

If You Insist…

Cosmic Shower Curtain Commands You to Take a Shower

When Your Shower Curtain Is Cooler Than You Are

That Is the Question

The Mother of All Shower Curtains

A Revealing Profile

Keep Your Imaginary Girlfriend Strong

How to Go Shower

Shower Connectivity Issues

The More You Know

Meanwhile in Canada…

Whatever Floats Your Goat

To Catch a Shower Curtain Predator

This Shower Curtain Totally Brules

You Will Never Be as Awesome as This Shower Curtain

I’ll Be Back… To Wash Your Back

Take Your Love of Bacon into the Bathroom

Because Sometimes Wiping Just Isn’t Enough

‘Murica Shower Curtain

Yes We Can!

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