26 Funny Lost and Found Signs That Are on Point

Humans are creatures. For some strange reason they believe that the easiest way to find something they’ve lost is to put up a bunch of signs around town. Once an important item is lost or misplaced, the average person will spend a couple of hours looking for it before they decide to make finding that item someone else’s problem. Occasionally the strategy works and these signs help the lost become found, but in most cases lost and found signs are just giving out their home phone number to a bunch of random street drifters. The good news is that once you’ve lost enough stuff in your life, you completely lose your mind and that’s where the fun begins. Take for example, these funny lost and found signs.

Dawg Days of

Hold onto Your Butts

You Have to be Kitten Me Right Meow

Have You Seen My Precious?

Looks Like a Case For Magnum P.I.

Childhood Ruined

Ninja Please!

Are You the Keymaster?

When All Logic Is Lost

The Lost Bros

No Brain, No Pain

The Balls on This Flyer

Meet Me Halfway

Cloud Atlas Shrugged

First World Pigeon Problems

Lost & Found Inception

Children of the Corn

McLosing Your Mind

Previously on Lost… And Found

Damn You, Bunsen Honeydew!

Honey, I Shrunk My Career

Is It Lionel You’re Looking For?

Such Sign. Much Lost.

A Shell of His Former Self

Have You Seen My Virginity?

Lost DVDs

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