26 Funny Virtual Reality Memes About the Future of Gaming

The future of virtual reality is now. These are VR memes you need to see with your own two eyes. You might as well take advantage of this opportunity to use your own eyes before humans have no use for them in the very near future. Take a tour of virtual reality memes at their finest. In fact, these VR gaming memes are so good that they might make you forget you’re currently living in reality. Then again, can you really prove this is the world and not a dream world? Maybe everything is just a virtual reality? Think about it, bro.

Rock Star

Not Butts About It

No Life

Off to a Great Start

Expectation vs Reality

Her Virtual Milkshakes Bring All the Boys to the Yard

VR Conspiracy: Exposed

Fore Score and Seven Babes Ago

What a Time to Be Alive!

More Machine Than Man

Face Time

Reality Is “Meh”

I’ll Never Let Go

Prime Time

The Holy Grail of VR

Eat Your Virtual Vegatables


Face to Face

Glitch in the Matrix

Ride Along

Gamers Are the Breast

Who Let the Out?

Mountain High

Rent vs VR

Phone Home

Just Butt

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