26 Horrible Celebrity Dolls That Actually Got Made

Getting your own doll is pretty much the pinnacle of stardom. Once you become a doll, you officially reach the top of the celebrity mountaintop. Well, unless you’re a celebrity that unfortunately became a member of the worst and creepy celebrity dolls club. These are celebrity toy that shouldn’t exist because they’re arguably some of the creepiest dolls you can buy on Ebay. Before you begin diving into this collection of doll fails and creepy dolls, make sure you’re in a stable frame of mind, because your brain is about to be traumatized. And whatever you do, don’t fall asleep with one of these terrifying dolls in your room.

Scarier Than Scientology
The Bald Britney Doll
Hitler Or Miss
Oprah’s Gonna Shut Down Etsy For This
I Guess This Is Why They Call It “The Blues”
Complete With Email Scandal
It All Boyles Down To This
A Very Bad Sein
Reliving A Tragedy With A Travesty
The Cabbage Patch Doll
Small Hands Included
The Osbourne Identity
Stop Putin Me On
Live Free Or Cry Hard
*Would Not Like
Goes Bigot
Harry Reviles
Like A Furby, It Laughs On Its Own
What’s Lazier, Paris Or That Doll’s Eyes?
John D’oh!
Great Scott!
Stop Beliebing
Screech For The Stars
An Irksome Gift For A Child
You Can’t And Shouldn’t Touch This
Taylor Made
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