27 Memes For Anyone Who's Ever Worked Retail

Working in retail is a rite of passage for most working folks. The retail life often chooses us and we soon come to realize the truth that is retail hell on . Below you will find an epic collection of tales from retail workers and working in retail . These include lessons about the worst things about working in retail and the occasional small victories you get working in retail.
If you’ve ever worked a retail job, you’ll totally relate to these funny retail . And if you’ve never worked in retail, consider yourself extremely lucky and hopefully these photos will remind you to be a little bit nicer to retail workers from now on.

Return Of The Century

I’ll Manage

Meanwhile, In The Back

Talking Shop

Women Love Aprons

Off-The-Clock, Off Your Mind

Brief Window Of Opportunity

Scream Queen

Sign Of The Times


Closing Time

In The Waiting Line

The Customer Isn’t Always Right

Public Display Of Affection

Toe Tag

Free Your Mind

Retail Worker Guarantee

You Don’t Say?

Confessions Of A Retail Worker

Change Of Pace

Bathroom Break

Taking Inventory

Everybody’s Working On The Weekend

Retail Vacation

Point Break

Made In The Shade

How Original
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