27 Of The Most Cringeworthy Tweets About First-Date Disasters

The amount of first-date disasters and first-date seem to be on the rise these days thanks to apps. If aren’t tweeting about being single, then they’re complaining about their first-date . If you’ve been having a lot of bad first dates lately, don’t worry, because these tweets about dating are evidence you are not alone.
This gallery of first date stories and online dating fails make a compelling argument that all first dates should simply be skipped from this point forward. Our hope is that these dating tweets will encourage people to try talking on the phone first before meeting for their next dreaded first date. You still remember how to talk on the phone right? 

Zoo Daze

Ex Marks The Spot


Call Of Booty

Dating Ross Gellar

All In The Family

Fancy That

First-Date Restraint

Treat Yo Self!

Serious Daddy Issues

The Tooth Shall Set You Free

You’ve Got

Prepare To Dye

Pop Secret

Split Decision

Blind Leading The Blind

Dollar For Your Thoughts

Criminal Minds

Third Time’s A Charm?

He Came Out, I Came Home

Kiss Of Death

Cheap Spills

Damn, That’s Cold

Felines Over Females

Stalker Talk

Bacon Love Out Of Nothing At All

What A Hoot!

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