27 Times You've Seen Actors from Inside Amy Schumer Before

Before they were Inside Amy Schumer, these actors had other gigs. From high brow HBO series to the random TV and film day player roles, these fine thespians and comedians have two things in common: They can handle sharing the screen with Schumer and there was room in the budget to pay them.  
Some of these Inside Amy Schumer actors are easily recognizable. When Tina Fey, Julia Louie-Dreyfus, and Patricia Arquette showed up for a sketch, it was the best. When Paul Giamatti, Jeff Goldblum, Dennis Quaid, Vincent Kartheiser, Kumail Nanjiani, John Hawkes, Chris Gehard, and Adrian Martinez said yes to Amy Schumer, they helped create one of the best sketches in the show’s history. Josh Charles had no problem showing up to spoof his Aaron Sorkin past.  
Among those on this Inside Amy Schumer character list are actors we’ve seen on HomelandKick-AssThe Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and One Life to Live. No matter their backround, one thing’s for certain: The Inside Amy Schumer cast is crazy talented, and way more impressive than the roster of names you usually see on a silly Comedy Central show.  
The actors on Inside Amy Schumer have another thing in common. The characters they are chosen to play are surprising and often much different than their usual roles. Except for Paul Giamatti. Everyone knows he’d make a great God.  
Which of these Inside Amy Schumer actors are your favorite? The famous types who got to get extra snarky? Or the comedians like Jon Glaser and Rachel Dratch who jump in whenever needed? Upvote your favorite Inside Amy Schumer cast member.
Glaser is a writer, producer, director, and actor, but you’ll probably recognize him from Parks and Recreation as Councilman Jamm. He also played Hannah’s strange neighbor on Girls, Laird Schlesinger.  
Glaser’s work on Inside Amy Schumer demonstrates the fact that Glaser has zero boundaries when it comes to comedy. He cannot be embarrassed or outdone. Just check out his outfit in the Nutters sketch. Schumer has said that she feels kind of bad about what she’s made Glaser do, but she makes him do it anyway. What a mensch.
Before he was playing the straight man in Schumer’s deadpan parody sketches, he was all dramatic on The Good WifeMasters of , and Dead Poet’s Society.  
You’d never expect such a serious actor like Josh Charles to show up on a show like Inside Amy Schumer,much less kill at it. His fake Coach Taylor to Amy Schumer’s Tami was one of the best bits of season two. He also returned to parody The Newsroom (and his former boss from Sports Night, Aaron Sorkin) in a sketch called “The Foodroom.”
If you like indie , you’ve seen Hawkes in Miranda July’s Me and You and Everyone We KnowA Slipping-Down Life, and Life of Crime. If you like the F word and HBO, you’ve seen him as Sol Star in Deadwood. He did a stint on Lost. And he played MIA meth daddy to Jennifer Lawrence’s squirrel-gutting survival teen in Winter’s Bone. If you are a Robert Rodriguez fan, he zipped by as the liquor store clerk in From Dusk Till Dawn.  
He joined the “12 Angry Men” sketch on Amy Schumer and added to the gravitas of the serious actor pack. The way he handled that dildo was pure Stanislavsky.
Dratch is best known for her work on Saturday Night Live. Her Debbie Downer was infamous for breaking her fellow SNL castmates. She’s also got over 70 film and TV credits.  
Dratch is the Swiss Army knife of comedy, and she can always be counted upon to add to any bit. She doesn’t disappoint on Inside Amy Schumer either. Her staffer at a pretentious hotel is one of the many times she held her own against Schumer’s comedy chops.

Michael Ian Black

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You might have first seen Michael Ian Black in Wet Hot American  as the love interest of a fresh-out-of-college Bradley Cooper. Tool shed scene, anyone? He got his start on The State, if you remember ‘ programming on MTV.  
On Inside Amy Schumer, MIB plays recurring character Martin Daniels – a shady, cheesy catch-all spokesman who shills Swanks and push-up videos, among other snake oil things.
From The Ben Stiller Show to The Larry Sanders Show to The West Wing to Wet Hot American Summer, Garofalo has had quite the ride. The comedian, writer, and producer was bound to show up on Inside Amy Schumer
And when she does, she’s completely awesome. Schumer likes strong female comedians to play off of. Garofalo does not disappoint.
Tamblyn did some longish stints on House M.D.The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, and her starring role in the TV series Joan of Arcadia. She was also one of the other three people in 127 Hours. She had a run on Two and a Half Men as the lady killer, Charlie-esque Jenny.   
She turns up on Amy Schumer as an ‘80s lady and most notably as Liz, Amy’s friend who is tricked into making out with her after seeing porn from the woman’s point of view.
Mostly, Jim Norton is known for his stand-up work. He’s also a regular on Louie.  
Another fellow comedy touring circuit pal of Schumer, his regular sketch work on Inside Amy Schumer is .
We know them from SeinfeldVeep30 RockSaturday Night LiveBoyhoodThe Medium, and True Romance. Schumer and head writer Jessi Klein wrote this sketch in season one, but couldn’t pull it off until they found just the right legends. 
Klein explained the inspiration for the sketch, “We were like, ‘Oh, last f*ckable day, wouldn’t that be funny to hear a bunch of famous women say a thousand times?’ Then it became a journey to find the angels who ended up doing it.”
Klein and Schumer originally approached Diane Keaton and Mia Farrow but got a big thumbs down. “We didn’t know why those two wouldn’t want to work together,” Schumer added. Just imagine if that had really happened?
They ended up with these legends and created one of the best sketches on the show.
The world got to know Zach Braff as the emo king in Garden State and then as J.D. on Scrubs. He went on to rule Kickstarter to create Wish I Was Here to mixed reviews.  
The magic of Inside Amy Schumer is getting these big name actors to reveal another side of their established personas. In this sketch, Braff just cannot stop telling filthy stories about his wife, much to the chagrin of his poker buddies.
Since his first role on the TV series Ed, to his various appearances in TV and film, Justin Long is best known as the guy who plays slightly different versions of himself in New GirlMomSerious MoonlightZack and Miri Make a Porno, and Tusk.  
On Schumer, he’s more than happy to turn up and play the apathetic boyfriend in “Say Fine to the Shirt.”

Chris Beetem

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If you’re a soap opera fan, you’ll recognize Chris Beteem as Tate Harmon on One Life to Live. He also had a small role as Dr. Ethan Copeland on One Tree Hill. He also played Jordan Sinclair on As the World Turns and Lt. Gregory Vukovic on JAG. And he was on the short-lived Pan Am.  
On Inside Amy Schumer, he’s part of a rotation of attractive guys Schumer and the gang utilize for various sketches. He’s a kind of beautiful jerk.
Dunnigan was a hilarious staple on Reno 911! as Craig Pullin, and he was in Schumer’s Trainwreck. Dunnigan has the ability to morph into characters and then snap back to a normal type.  
He’s is a funny guy and Amy Schumer knows it. He has played several funny roles on Inside Amy Schumer,most notably Skeeter, the meth lab mastermind and brother to the hapless Becky.
Before he was Dinesh on Silicon Valley, you might have seen Nanjiani as Pindar Singh on Franklin & Bash. He’s popped up in NewsreadersPortlandia, and Hot Tub Time Machine 2. He’s also the voice of Prismo on Adventure Time.  
Comedian and actor Nanjiani was a strong choice for the “12 Angry Men” sketch and found his way onto the Amy Schumer radar.
Giamatti is an actor’s actor and kind of blew minds when he showed up on Inside Amy Schumer. The acting vet has credits such as SidewaysSaving Mr. Banks, and John Dies In the End under his belt. But you can call him John Adams.  
On Inside Amy Schumer, of course Giamatti plays God, talking Amy through her herpes scare. “I really have to stop making so many white girls.”
In a sketch that helped win Schumer an Emmy, “12 Angry Men,” Giamatti is nothing short of brilliant. Schumer and Giamatti may seem like an unlikely pair, but clearly they are fond of each other, as evidenced by Schumer planting a big ole kiss on him after one of the takes.
For a guy with over 80 film and TV credits, Quaid has had no shortage or roles to choose from. He’s that all-American guy we loved in The Day After TomorrowFrequency, and a host of others. No longer saddled with leading man roles all the time, Quaid is exploring his comedy side and letting it all hang out.  
The last place you’d expect Dennis Quaid to show up is a sketch on Inside Amy Schumer. Another bold and odd choice in casting that sets the show apart.
The Saturday Night Live alum sort of disappeared for a while, quietly doing stand up, writing one-man shows, and waiting for time to pass. Good thing for everyone, Quinn seems to have hit a new stride and is now finding a new audience.  
This is the best use of Colin Quinn we’ve seen since Girls. Quinn and Schumer are native New Yorkers, long time touring comedians, and the best together. His portrayal of her father in Trainwreck was touching and irreverent.
Kathy Najimy has been a delight since Hocus Pocus and Sister Act, but it’s her Peggy Hill on King of the Hill that will forever hold an honored place in animation hearts.  
Her grieving therapist to an indifferent Amy is one of those reasons we love this deadpan comedian.
Birbiglia has spent a lot of his career as a stand up comedian. His bit about his -life horrifying sleep walking put him on the map. He’s proving to be a casting director favorite with roles such as Patrick in The Fault in Our Stars and Danny Pearson on Orange Is the New Black.  
Schumer uses him most aptly as a nice guy and straight man on the show and in Trainwreck.

Abby Elliott

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Abby Elliott is the talented daughter of SNL and David Letterman-alum Chris Elliott. She, too, graced the Saturday Night Live stage for a spell. Elliott has appeared in roles on the small and large screens, including Odd Mom OutTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and How I met Your Mother.  
She’s always delightful on Inside Amy Schumer, and is totally for a good ole feminist slap down in sketches such as “Compliments.”
Once you see Todd Barry, you go, “Oh yeah, that guy.” He’s known for his writing work, his voice work, and as the guy most likely to make any bit funnier. He tends to play himself, hence all of the credits with his character’s name as Todd or Todd Barry. He’s appeared on Louie and The Wrestler, and is a regular contributor on Axe Cop and Bob’s Burgers.  
On Inside Amy Schumer, his name is Barnabas Mollins, though.
Martinez is another one of those faces you see everywhere. He’s appeared in FocusAmerican HustleKick-Ass, LouieA Gifted ManThe Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and tons more.  
On Inside Amy Schumer, he’s a reliable blend of comedy and befuddlement because his girlfriend is usually putting him in various predicaments.
In , the model, pin-up, and “host” of stuff is probably in your bedside table drawer, between the mattress and the box spring, or under “misc pics” on your phone. Her IMDB credits be like, “Whatever, I don’t need this.”  
On Inside Amy Schumer, Teigen’s a self aware version of herself and plays a couples’ counselor who’s realizing that the world sucks and is unfair. It’s funny because it’s true. Painfully, painfully true.
Miss Pyle works a lot. She’s a powerhouse who’s appeared in Gone Girl (as a fabulous Nancy Grace knock-off), The ArtistCharlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Big Fish. She’s done voice work on American !, and day played on everything from  sitcoms to courtroom dramas.  
She has no qualm being the a potty mouthed realtor on Inside Amy Schumer.
Menchaca is one of those actors you see everywhere, but can’t quite place. Some of his best screen time was on Homeland as Lauder Wakefield.  
On Inside Amy Schumer, he shows up as various bad boyfriends, content to play the douche or straight man to Amy’s various characters.
Kane’s been spotted on Law & Order as well Law & Order: Special Victims Unit because that’s a prerequisite for being famous. He’s also been on One Life to Live and played Kevin in Schumer’s Trainwreck.  
Thanks to Amy Schumer, Kane is getting a lot of face time. Kane is fully utilized on the show, playing her boyfriend, a juror, a guest, and whomever the hell Schumer commands.
Ali Wong has already logged quite a bit of film and TV screen time as Olivia in Are You There, Chelsea?, Claire in Savages, and Dr. Lina Lark in Black Box.  
The stand up comic and Schumer’s touring circuit companion can be counted upon for squad skills in sketches such as “Judging Strippers.”