28 Hot Girls Who Got Roasted Super Hard

If you’re familiar with Reddit.com, you may know about a subreddit called “Roast Me.” The idea is this: post a of themselves and then get “roasted,” or ruthlessly made fun of. Roast Me is fun for people of all ages, sexes, race, and religion, because everybody deserves to be taken down a few pegs every now and then.
People especially love to spend their time insulting (thanks, ), and this list of attractive women who were down to be roasted proves hot chicks can still take a joke. Even really, really, really harsh ones. These beautiful women got burned so bad, they probably needed to be directed to a burn unit.
And the Reddit roasters don’t just call these ladies dumb or slutty. This list confirms that you can roast even the prettiest babe in a creative way if you’re clever enough. All it take is a little effort and some major malice. Vote up your favorite sick burn for the girls on /r/roastme!

I Can Just Sense the Thinly-Veiled Disdain

“If *unenthusiastic handjob* had a face, this would be it.”
via  u/FilliusTExplodio

Almost Every Comment Was About Her Forehead, But This One’s the Best

“The wave in your really compliments your beach of a forehead.”
via  u/LaviRavi

Perspective Has Not Been Kind to Her

“You weren’t born. Your mom built you from spare doll parts. You got a GI Joe leg.”
via  u/TrollGoo

I’m Sure That Works Some of the Time

“Maybe if I leave my titties out guys won’t notice how chubby I’ve gotten.”
via  u/gruesome2some

This Is Savage. Accurate, But Oh So Savage.

“If you want to know the definition of disappointment, start at the bottom of the picture and scroll up.”
via  u/blingladen 

Ah, Flat Chested Will Never Get Old…

“When life gives you lemons, stuff them down your shirt and pretend you have tits.”
via u/trunkletrouser

Hopefully Discount Uma Thurman Can Take a Joke

“I hope you fake better than smiles.”
via  u/shitroaster

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For Once, Someone Made a Joke That’s Not About Her Looks

“The decor matches your personality.”
via  u/111anon111

This One Is Actually Sort of Sweet. He Believes in Her!

“Nose job? F*ck that, you need a nose career.”
via  u/threecolorless

He Saw Right Through Her Disguise

“Guess I can’t make any fat jokes until you take that corset off. :(”
via  u/FreedomR

We Know She Didn’t Cry After Reading This Because Mascara Is Too Expensive

“All with you is sex.”
via  u/senorhaterade

They’re Trying Pretty Hard to Be Edgy

“You look like rich girls trying to be homeless.”
via  u/JoeyKony

Black Mamba Sounds Like a Name of Her Would-Be Co-Star

“Can I have the link to your PornHub channel?”
via BlackMamba1020

At Least She Has Good Taste in

“The f*ck is up with your fingers… If you’re driving and you want to flip somebody off, do you have to open the sunroof?”
via  u/Galactic

Well… Did She?

“Did you weave that sweater with the pluckings from your eyebrows?”
via  u/mostly_sarcastic

Self-Esteem Can’t Melt Steel Beams

“You’ve got enough foundation on your face to have saved the World Trade Center.”
via u/D14BL0

She Claimed She Was an Irish Sex Worker and Got This Perfect Roast

“I’m glad you found a place where men are always drunk enough to f*ck you.”
via u/Pick_Locks_Get_Money

Pushup Bras Don’t Distract from Lazy Eyes

“If you poke that eye back in, does a tit get bigger?”
via  u/skullshank

“Hello, 911? I Just Witnessed a F***ING MURDER.”

“Happy 40th birthday.”
via [deleted]

She’s Even Wearing Starfish Earrings

“Looks like your father was never there to watch The Little Mermaid with you.”
via  u/rockinkingdom

I Think the Glasses Are Giving Off That Vibe

“You already look like you’re on your way to ‘speak to the manager.'”
via  u/GrandmasterSexay

A Burn That Transcends Generations

“I can’t roast her… my grandpa already did that to her people in WWII.”
via u/ ThatGuySage

This Could Also Be an Attack on Her Ego

“No luck on getting the anorexia to spread to your giant head, huh?”
via  u/spentmiles

She Needs Some Aloe for That Burn

“I’d roast you, but it looks like the sun already did.
For though, get that melanoma checked.”
via  u/Zenodice

If You Really Want to Roast a Girl… Go for the Makeup

“Texas Chainsaw Mascara.”
via  u/GF_DOOM

Gotta Love the Roasters Who Assume a Pretty Girl Is a Mean Girl

“If you ate all that make up, maybe you’d be beautiful on the inside.”
via u/pauljamez

And Now I Can’t Get That Sound Out of My Head

“Jesus Christ, when you cum, it must sound like a chew toy.”
via u/Confused_Erection

Mentioning Cancer Escalates a Roast Very Quickly

“The only thing that would get you more attention than your current hair colour is spontaneously developing cancer.
Coincidentally, it would also be a better hairstyle.”
via  u/FriendsCallMeAsshole
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