28 People Who Clearly Don’t Want Their Job Anymore

The communal kitchen area and bathroom are two of the most hostile environments at the workplace. Sometimes, after a long week at the office, certain employees will have been pushed over the edge by simple faux pas everyone is guilty of. In that case, it’s pretty easy to tell who has been at their job for just too long. And instead of politely confronting the offender, these employees will instead channel their frustration into the ancient of passive aggressive notes. You never know when you’re going to set off a fellow co worker with an annoying habit. Maybe it’s common courtesy at the printer/copier, maybe someone didn’t clean out the coffee carafe when they were done with it. Everyone has gotten lazy at some point and forgotten to refill the toilet paper, but when these combine it creates a perfect storm for those employees who are sick of being there. Of course, when leaving notes some still are able to maintain a sense of , but sometimes there’s no room for amongst all the angry expletives. Check out this list of disgruntled employees leaving yet passive aggressive notes to their colleagues, and feel good that you don’t have to work with them!

Dear Milk Stealer...

Yes, Darryl. Very Clever

Dan Hates Your Sh*t


Decaf Coffee in the Regular Coffee Pot

Ramen Instructions

Steve, You’re Very Funny


Challenge Not Accepted

Coffee Conversations

We Have a Luncheon

Don’t Touch the Mug

Why Are There Two??

Bob Marley Printer

Papercut Finder

Spit Dressing


Yes/ No


Stolen Breastmilk

Whimsical Fonts

Three Way Lunch Drama

For the Kittens


Button Pushing

Daves 4 Life!!!

Toilet Bread

No…Wait, What?

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