28 Times Eric Cartman Said Exactly The Right Thing

Eric Cartman is easily the greatest South Park character of all time and arguably the greatest animated character. Fat, exploitative, and a total dick, Cartman’s inflated sense of self-importance bestows him a lack of self-awareness terrible for the world but excellent for . Eric may only be eight-years-old, but he’s got a lifetime’s worth of gripes, evidenced by this gallery of the greatest Cartman South Park quotes.
If you’re struggling for answers in life, Cartman quotes will solve your problems, albeit with advice that would only serve someone as depraved as he is. In this tribute to Eric Theodore Cartman’s greatest quotes, you’ll witness many of the lessons South Park has taught us. Respect his autoritah!

A Classic

Respect The Cartman

For Thought

Eric Cartman’s #1 Life Goal

Ed With Cartman

Eight Is Not Enough

Quality Over Quantity

Anger Management

Christian Bail Out

Generation Penetration

Cartman On Hippies

The Physics Of Fun

Roll with the Punches

Magic Carpet Ride

Love Stinks

No Pie For You!

Sure Thing

Cartman On Girl Fights

Get A Grip

Fat Chance

No Butts About It

No Family Ties

Sell Yourself Short

Meat The

Growing Pains

Vagina Monologue

Bedtime With Cartman

A Touching Tale

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