29 Dogs Who Think They're Hiding

As most know, hiding is occasionally a necessary part of the life of even the most pampered of family pooches. Let’s face it, every now and then sh*t happens – sometimes literally, even to the best-behaved pooches out there. That’s why we’ve compiled this adorable list of dogs trying to hide, complete with stealth canine from the experts, to help our four-legged friends out there become masters of disguise. So if you happen to have four-legs, fur, and just broke a flower pot, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll learn time tested ninja stealth techniques which have been passed along from to dog throughout the ages. You’ll find out how to properly use your surroundings and the importance of such as knowing which colors best camouflage your fur. You’ll also get valuable tips on seemingly tiny issues that have ruined many a good hide throughout stealth dog , such as “the peek,” “the tail betrayal,” and “the hunger factor.” 

Scroll down and get a load of these of dogs trying to hide, many of which may doubtless appear completely empty to the untrained eye. With a little training however, you’ll soon be spotting highly trained professionals in the midst of these seemingly barren surroundings. So the next time you just can’t resist the allure of that tasty looking shoe, accidentally shred the couch limb from limb, or poop on the carpet just to remind those humans who feed you that you can, these pooch stealth masters have got your back.
Stealth Tip: Make Sure You Actually Blend When Trying to Blend in with Your Surroundings

Stealth Tip: When Hiding Under Something, Make Sure All of You Is Under It

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Stealth Tip: Hiding Is No Time to Fib About Your Actual vs. Goal Weight

Stealth Tip: When Hiding Between Two Things, Make Sure All of You Is Between Them

Stealth Level = Winning

Stealth Tip: Just Because You Can’t See Them, Doesn’t Make It Mutual

Stealth Tip: The Tip-Toe Is Only to Be Used By Master Level Stealth Pooches

Stealth Tip: Camo Is a Great Technique, as Long as You’re Actually Wearing Camo

Stealth Tip: “Fluffy” Is Not Necessarily Something You Can Blend in With

Stealth Tip: Though at a Loss to Explain Why, Dogs Everywhere Confirm This Does Not Work

Stealth Tip: Be Aware That Snow Prints May Compromise a Usually Prime Hiding Spot

Stealth Tip: The Longer Your Nose, the Less The Peep Is Recommended for You

Stealth Tip: Never Underestimate the Importance of Head Cover

Stealth Tip: Make Sure You Chose Spots with Plenty of Provisions for Extended Hides

Stealth Tip: Use Any You-Shaped Empty to Your Advantage

Stealth Tip: Always Allow Room for Extra Fluffy Dos

Stealth Tip: Clothing Is a Prime Hiding Place for Pups with Messy Owners

Stealth Tip: Make Sure You Have a Steady Pipeline for Air

Stealth Tip: When Crowd Blending, Make Sure to Choose a Loyal Crowd

Stealth Tip: Always Test Escape Routes Beforehand

Stealth Tip: In Emergency Situations, Just Crawl Beneath the Nearest Tall Object

Stealth Tip: The Much Feared “Tail Tip-Off” – Don’t Let It Happen to You

Stealth Tip: Just Because You Aren’t Looking, Doesn’t Mean They Can’t See You

Stealth Tip: There’s No Partial Credit When It Comes to Blending In

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Stealth Tip: Upside Down, Almost Any Place Can Be a Hiding Place

Stealth Tip: When Using the Invisibility Cloak, Be Sure to Confirm Invisibility Beforehand

Stealth Tip: Being Low to the Ground Doesn’t Necessarily Negate the Need for Crouching

Stealth Tip: Hide and Seek with Buddies Is a Great Way to Practice Stealth Skills

Stealth Tip: If Most of You Blends Into a Carpet, Simply Shield the Parts That Don’t