29 Fun Facts About the Dragon Ball Z Series

With this list of Dragon Ball Z trivia facts, we’re taking a look back at the epic franchise, from the original Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball: Resurrection
Dragon, Dragon, Call the Dragon. Dragon Ball Z! That theme song played in so many homes almost every day for much of the early 2000’s. This was a show was instrumental in popularizing anime in America. Dragon Ball Z became a full-blown pop culture phenomenon, making Toonami a fixture in childhood entertainment.
It’s effects are still felt to this day. The original show, Dragon Ball, aired in Japan in 1986, before many of its most loyal fans were even born. Just three years later, the franchise became a powerhouse with Dragon Ball Z. Then, in 1996, the Dragon Ball Z series arrived Stateside and changed the landscape of anime specifically and in general.
If the franchise was a huge part of your childhood, then you’re going to love this list of Dragon Ball Z trivia. And if you still thrill along to Goku’s adventures, then these Dragon Ball Z fun facts will have you waxing nostalgic in no time. Vote up your favorite facts below.

  1. Dragon Ball Z Is One of the Top 50 Shows of All Time on IMDb

    As of July 2015,  Dragonball Z is currently ranked #35 on IMDb’s “Highest Rated Series With At Least 6,000 Votes”, with a score of 8.9/10.

    Source: IMDb’s Highest Rated TV Series

  2. Goku really loves that Kamehameha Wave

    Goku’s trademark is is the Kamehameha, an attack which takes total focus of his chi. He manages to do this move a whopping 97 times (!) from the time he learns it to the end of theDragon Ball Z series.
    Source: Anime Balls Deep Youtube
  3. Vegeta Really Doesn’t Like the Name Goku

    Vegeta almost always refers to Goku by his Saiyan birth name “Kakarot”, but has on rare occasions addressed him as Goku. Vegeta actually says the name “Goku” only eight times throughout the series.

    Source: Dragonball Wikia

  4. Technically, It’s KING Vegeta

    Vegeta is technically the king of all Saiyans, not just the . His father is killed by Frieza, making him the rightful heir to the throne. He probably makes no claim to the throne out of respect for his fallen father.

    Source: Dragonball Wikia

  5. Piccolo Was Briefly the Most Powerful Character

    After Piccolo fused with Kami during the Androids Saga, he became the strongest being in theDragon Ball universe for a brief period. This merger made him even more powerful than all of the Super Saiyans at their current levels. Slightly related note: At a whopping 7’4″ tall, Piccolo is the tallest Z fighter by a wide margin.
    Source: Anime Balls Deep YouTube
  6. Dragon Ball Involves Just Under 200 Fights

    There are 187 fights from the start of Dragon Ball to the end of Dragon Ball Z.

    Source: KiwiKenny.Tripod.com

  7. Frieza is the Most Defeated villain in all of Dragon Ball Z

    Frieza is one of the most fearsome creatures in all of the galaxy, giving Goku a run for his money in a battle that lasted hours.. But he’s also the character who’s been defeated most on the show. Frieza has been taken down an insane five times.
    He lost to Goku on Namek, was executed by Future Trunks, was defeated by Pikkon, got sent back to hell by Gohan in Fusion Reborn, and was frozen then smashed to pieces by Goku inDragon Ball GT.
    Source: Anime Balls Deep YouTube
  8. Senzu beans really help out heroes out throughout the series

    A Senzu Bean is a mythical legume grown by Karin. Each bean has enough nutrients to completely revitalize a body to its peak physical condition. Any ailments or injuries that occur during a fight can be erased with a senzu bean. Throughout the DBZ series, a total of 28 Senzu Beans are eaten.
    Two are eaten during the Saiyan Saga, six during Frieza, eighteen during the Cell saga, and two while fighting Buu.
    Source: Anime Balls Deep YouTube
  9. Broly Was Born Mighty

    Broly, the “Legendary Super Saiyan” was born with a power level of 10,000. That’s comparable to most Saiyan elite warriors at their prime.

    Source: Dragonball Wikia

  10. Piccolo and Gohan are Closer in Age Than They Seem

    Piccolo is only four years older than Gohan!  Namekians grow and age much faster than Humansor Saiyans, seeing as how Piccolo was already nearly full-grown by the age of three. He actually fought Goku in the first tournament when he was just three years old.
    Source: IMDb
  11. The -Spawning Line “It’s Over 9000!!!” Was Actually a Mistake

    The popular Internet meme “It’s over 9000” was actually spawned by a dubbing mistake. It was originally written and recorded as “It’s over 8,000!” but in the Ocean Dub, they accidentally said 9,000 instead. Because of the meme’s popularity, Funimation dubs really use 9,000 as a reference to the phenomenon.

    Source: Dragonball Wikia


    Yamcha Can’t Catch a Break

    In every single saga of Dragon Ball Z, Yamcha is either severely injured, killed, or is already dead. Every. Single. Saga.
    Source: Anime Balls Deep YouTube
  13. Gohan Is More Violent on the Show Than the Manga

    Gohan killed eight enemies in the original manga. In the Dragonball Z anime, including the movies, he has directly killed a total of 15 different enemies.

    Source: Dragonball Wikia


    The Kamehameha Wave Illustrates Goku’s Mastery of Combat

    Master Roshi is described as one of the greatest martial artists of all time. It takes him a full 50 years to master the Kamehameha wave. Goku perfects it on his very first try, entertainingly illustrating just how gifted a fighter he is. Destroying Bulma’s car in the process.
    Source: Anime Balls Deep YouTube

    The Marks on Krillin’s Head Are Buddhist Burns

    Krillin has six incense burns on his forehead from when he was training to be a monk at Orin Temple. The life burn marks were once common to Buddhist monks in China, but since the Cultural Revolution, they’re been replaced by less obvious tattoos.
    Source: The Dao of Dragon Ball   

    Cooler Has Much More Territory Than Frieza

    Cooler, the main antagonist from movies five and six, owns roughly 256 planets. His younger brother Frieza only owns around 79. C’mon, Frieza up your .

    Source: Dragonball Wikia


    So Many Names, So Many Puns

    Many different classes of characters in the series have similar name origins/puns. All of Frieza’s henchmen are named for fruits (Oran for Orange, Appule for Apple, etc.) The Ginyu Force are named for dairy products (Ginyu is derived from gyunyu, the Japanese word for milk; Rikuum is from kuriimu, the Japanese word for cream)
    The Hercule/Mr. Satan family is named for traditional figures from Hell (Satan needs no explanation, Videl is a rearranged spelling of Devil). Henchmen of Turles from the Tree of Might are named for types of nuts (Amond for Almond, Kakao is a cocoa bean, etc.)
    The Frieza family’s names all refer to cold temperatures, from Frieza to Cooler to King Cold. All Saiyan characters are named after vegetables. The Tsufuru-Jins are named for the Japanese word for fruit (furutsu). Thus, with the two races on planet Vegeta, it’s “the fruits versus the vegetables.”
    Souce: IMDb

    Bulma Changes Her Hair Almost 20 Times

    Throughout the course of the Dragon Ball Z series, Bulma changes her hair a whopping 17 times. Her husband Vegeta, meanwhile, never changes his once.
    Source: Anime Balls Deep YouTube

    Piccolo Has No Gender

    There are no female Namekians, as they produce asexually through eggs that pop out of their mouths. So there’s no need to worry about Piccolo putting the moves on Bulma.

    Source: @DailyDragonBall


    Goku Is the Only Character Who Appears in Every Form of Dragon Ball

    Goku is the only character who appears in every Dragon BallDragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GTmovie, OVA, and television special.
    Source: IMDb  

    The Hospital in DBZ Is Cleverly named

    After his fight with Vegeta, Goku is hospitalized in Wukong Hospital. Wukong is, in fact, the Chinese name for Goku.
    Source: IMDb

    Women Voice Most of the Characters in the Japanese Dub

    Have you ever thought Goku sounds like a girl? Well, guess what? You’re right. Masako Nozawa, who voices Goku in Japanese versions, also provides the voices of Gohan, and Goten. Krillen’s Japanese voice is a woman too. The picture above features the who provide both the American and Japanese Goku voices.

    Source: Behind the Voice Actors


    The Origin of Trunk Is Very Different on the Show

    There was actually a huge difference between Trunks in the manga and Trunks on the TV. In the manga, Trunks is able to turn Super Saiyan before Gohan died. But in the TV special, Gohan’s death is the very thing that causes Trunks to go Super Saiyan.

    Source: KiwiKenny.Tripod.Com


    King Kai’s Pet Monkey Is Named Bubbles

    King Kai has a pet monkey named after another very famous pet monkey. Yes, the monkey onDragon Ball Z is named after Michael Jackson’s pet monkey, Bubbles.
    Source: Dragonball Wikia

    Chi Chi and Bulma Originally Had Different Colored Hair

    In the original manga, Chi Chi and Bulma look largely the same, but with one major difference: Chi Chi originally had blue hair and Bulma’s hair was purple.

    Source: Dragonball Wikia


    The Kamehameha Is Also Known as the Turtle Shot

    If you know the translation of Kamehameha, then it’s only logical that master Roshi would be the one to perfect and name the move. It means “Turtle Shot.” Master Roshi is shamelessly obsessed with turtles. He has a pet turtle and lives at ‘turtle house’.
    Source: Anime Balls Deep YouTube

    Toei Animation Invented to Kill Time

    Toei Animation had to create several filler sagas to keep timing in line with the manga source material. The fake planet Namek, the Garlic Jr. Saga, and the Afterlife Tournament were all invented for the show. 
    Source: IMDb

    Buu Is a Cinderalla Reference

    On the show, the evil, often comically fat monster Buu was created by a sorcerer named Bibidi and brought out of hibernation by the actions of Bibidi’s son, the sorcerer Babidi.
    Get it? Bibidi Babidi Buu! Bippity boppity boo, anyone?
    Source: IMDb

    Launch wasn’t intentionally left out of DBZ

    Launch never made it into Dragon Ball Z. Basically, Akira Toriyama forgot she existed. She appears in later edits that were made after the fact, however.

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