30+ Special Effects Makeup Transformations

is awesome, and just a little can go a long way. Got a zit? Throw a little concealer on it. Wanna feel and confident? Do up your eyes the way you like them. Got no plans and a battle station full of ? Turn yourself into a zombie. Or a book character. Or a Kardashian. This gallery of from MakeupAddiction features incredible work by professional and amateur makeup artists.
Which makeup appeals to you the most? While the special effects -style make up looks are always impressive, some of the more subtle everyday / party / special occasion look equally as complex and hard to emulate. These ladies and men are turning themselves into other whole people, and meanwhile, we’re over here trying to figure out Contouring 101. Way to go, MUA!

Wooden Doll

Pop Comic

Comic Book Character

Female Titan

Creepy Doll

Pop Art Zombie

Tutorial by Sssamanthaa here

Comic Panel

Dr. Zombie


Third Eye

Pop Art

Creepy Two-Face

Cracked Porcelain

Zombie Ariel

Cracked Doll

Friend of  trollingNpwning


Sugar Skull

Lichtenstein Comic

Frances Cobain Painting

Corpse Bride Doll Hybrid

Jigsaw Puppet


Red Queen

Dripping Color

Vincent Van Gogh


Marilyn Manson

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