32 of the Funniest This Could Be Us But You Playin' Memes

Have you ever found yourself in one of those that you know deep down could last forever, if only the other person would get with the program? Have you ever looked at of happy couples and thought, “Damn, that could be us, if only…”? If you feel like you could relate, we get it. Sometimes you love your boo with all your heart, but your boo doesn’t even give you the time of day. We’ve put together a collection of the best “this could be us, but you playin'” of all time. 

  1. When the Munchies Shut Down Your Best Intentions

  2. When She Can Only See What’s Right in Front of Her, Instead of the Beautiful Details All Around Her

  3. When the Paternity Test Confirms Your Suspicions

  4. When She Don’t Understand That the Thug Life Chose You

  5. When She Straight Trippin’

  6. When She Doesn’t Appreciate Any of Your Fifty Shades of

  7. When You Realize That None of Your Boys Gotta Wonder About Ur Woman

  8. When Ya’ll So Close, Yet So Far Away

  9. When You Have Prior Obligations and Sh*t

  10. When She Won’t Just Give You One More Week to Catch Up on Child Support

  11. When She Wouldn’t Know Romance if It Knocked Her on Her Ass

  12. When She Wouldn’t Appreciate Class if It Bit Her on the Ass

  13. When You Didn’t Listen When Grandma Said You Needed Jesus

  14. When She Don’t Know It’s the Thought That Counts

  15. When She Isn’t Up for a Midday Power Nap

  16. When She Doesn’t Know How to Soothe Your Sensitive Soul

  17. When She Too Busy Looking at Russia from Her House

  18. When She Just Doesn’t Appreciate the Extra Cushion for the Pushin’

  19. When She Ain’t into Long Distance Relationships

  20. When She Doesn’t Dare to Dream About the Finer in Life

  21. When You Tryin’ to Explain It After Hitting the Blunt

  22. When She Just Don’t See the Mighty Pharaoh Hidin’ Under the Burger King Hat

  23. The Couples That Go on House Arrest Together Stay Together

  24. When She Don’t Appreciate Your Fine Culinary Appetite

  25. When This Dude Got More Game Than You, and His Head Is Shaped Like a Football

  26. When She’s Insisting on Showin’ Up to Your Court-Ordered Rehab

  27. When She Won’t Let You Pick Out Your Prom Clothes

  28. When She Won’t Take That Free Paternity Test Opportunity

  29. When She Don’t Realize the Grass Is Greener on Ur Side Even Though You Ain’t Got a Yard

  30. When She Don’t Respect the Thug Life

  31. When….Hold On, I’ Pause It When I Get Through This Level…

  32. When She Insists on Staying Sober During Spring Break in Cancun

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