33 Colorful Animals Who Look Photoshopped

While you may have caught sight of one or two of these outrageously bright colored animals at an sanctuary, you’ll definitely be blown away by how many others you’ve never seen or heard of. After all, some of these little guys (such as the transparent winged butterfly or the blue lobster) aren’t the easiest creatures to spot, even if you were to spot them in the wild. Others among the  are super rare, and only found in tiny parts of far-away countries.
See the world in a whole new way as you get an eyeful of these rad animals! By the time you’re done pouring over this list, you’ll swear that Mother Nature is a total Photoshop Queen. Vote up the best brightly colored animals, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section.

Blue Dragons Can Be Found in Waters Off of South Africa, Australia, and Mozambique

Purple Snails Spend Most of Their Lives “Surfing” Oceans on Bubble Rafts They Create

The Mandarin Duck of South Asia Is a Head Turner for Sure

Costa Rican Glasswing Butterflys are Called “Espejitos” or “Little Mirrors” in Spanish

The Breathtaking Velvet-Backed Starling Calls Sub-Saharan Africa Home

The Spectacular Blue Crowned Pigeon Hails from New Guinea and Surrounding Islands

The Pink Orchid Mantis Decorates the Rain Forests of Southeast Asia

The Brilliant Sunset Moth Calls Madagascar Its Home

This Blue Lobster is Literally One in Two Million. and Was Adopted by an Aquarium in Maine

Australia’s Rainbow Lorikeet Calls the Land Down Under Home

The Snazzily Dressed Rainbow Grasshopper is Native to North

Pink Dolpins are Freshwater Dwellers That Love The Amazon River

Mandarin Fish Hail from the Pacific, But Are Also Popular Aquarium Fish

The California Red-Sided Garter Snake Hails from the Northern Part of the Golden State

The Stunning Panther Chameleon Comes from the Tropics of Madagascar

Poison Dart Frogs Lurk in the Wilds of Central and South America

The North American Pink Katydids Are So Rare, They Weren’t Discovered Until 1874

The Gorgeous Golden Pheasant First Strutted Out of Western China

The Tye-Dyed Blue Ringed Octopus Can Be Found in the Pacific & Indian Oceans

The Indian Bullfrog of Southeast Asia Wearing His “Mating Suit”

The Gray Crowned Crane Rocks His Look in Sub-Saharan African

The Breathtaking Hawk Headed Parrot is a Native of the Amazon Rainforest

The Gorgeous, But Testy, Mantis Shrimp is Often Found in Tropical Habitats

The Delighfully Fuzzy Tiger Moth Can Be Found in Mexico, Venezuela, and Brazil

Indian Peacocks, Native to South Asia, Are Among the Top Stunners of All Time

The Stealthy Leafy SeaDragon Can Be Found Off the Australian Coast

The Super Studly Peacock Spider Hails from Austrailia

The Southern Red Bishop Rules His Roost in South Africa

The Neon-Plumed Malachite Kingfisher is Common in Sub-Saharan Africa

Cobalt Blue Tarantulas Often Live in Deep Burrows in Southeast Asian Rainforests

The Festive Crab Calls Mexico and Central America Home

The Handsome Mandrill Can Only Be Found in a Few Select Areas of Africa

The Dapper Red Slug is a European Gentleman

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