34 Dogs Who Just Don't Get It

 These funny dog pictures feature pooches with hearts of gold who just don’t understand everyday dog tasks such as playing fetch, taking a midday nap, or the mystifying of agility courses. You’ll meet little dudes who didn’t get the memo that such as resting or pooping tend to be looked down upon in the middle of a dog show, and adorably confused pups who have never heard of this thing called “personal ” you keep asking for.

Herding: You’re Doing It Wrong

World’s Worst Hunting Dog

“Oh Helllllll, No.”

Get a Bed They Said, You’ll Have Better Sleeps They Said

World’s Most Frustrated Dinner Patron

“Damn Bulgar!”

“Not to Suggest Cat Would Ever Lie, But…”

“This Is Not Nearly as Relaxing as the Humans Led Us to Believe.”

“Sorry, the Raccoon Got Away… Again.”

“See? Self-Cleaning. No Need for Bath.”

“The Flowers. They Get Me.”

World’s Worst Dog Training Book

Anti-Gravity Dog Forgets How to Gravity

“What? She Said ‘Dinner Time.'”

Hiking: Nailing It

“You Already Have a Nose Warmer, Why Do You Need Mine, Too?”

“I Can Explain…”

“I’ll Just Sit… Here.”

“Look, Mom! They Got Us a Foot Soaking Tub!”

“Can’t I Just Use This Much Roomier Space on the Side?”

Personal Space? Never Heard of It!

Every Generation Has Its Innovators

“Seriously, I Just Don’t Get the Hype About This …”

“But Everyone Else Loves It When I Sit on Their Laps…”

Bob’s Mastery of the Rhetorical Question Left Something to Be Desired

“The Stool Fought Back…”

“Man Down! I’ll Guard Him Until the Ambulance Arrives.”

“OMG, , No! Agility Is Terrifying!”

“What? You Said Attack, You Never Specified Who…”

Bad Timing Dog Strikes Again

Hanging Out: You’re Doing It Wrong

Couch Potato Dog Invents Innovative New Ways to Couch

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