34 of the Funniest Street Signs on the Open Road

On this list, you’ll find all manner of funny road signs from around the world. Whether they proudly proclaim the name of a ridiculous-sounding city, or are the result of a sign maker’s epic failure on the job, these funny road markers are sure to put a grin on your face. Below, you’ll get the chance to to some of the most places in the English speaking world, but the fun doesn’t stop there. We’ve also got some of the most hilarious attempts by non-English speakers testing out English lingo for the very first time.

A Surefire Way to Tell You've Entered the South

The Sign That Keeps the Town Stoners Busy for Hours

Only the Best for the

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Via Street Sign

This Sign Has Basically Just Given Up

Roadkill Can’t Update Facebook

“Steven, You Had ONE Job.”

Driving 13 Miles an Hour Just Isn’t Worth the Risk

Gee, Thanks, Mt. St. Helen

Leslie Knope, is That You?

These Limitations Are Set for Your Own Safety

Something Tells Us Jesus May Want to Sit This One Out

The Cherokee Sure Know How to Party

Warning: Helicopters May Urinate on Your Vehicle

An American Obviously Designed This One

Is It Ever REALLY an Accident?

Tiny Grass Dreams of Growing Up to be Tall Grass. Dream Big, Tiny Grass.

The Worms Crawl in, the Worms Crawl Out…

Kangaroos in These Parts Ain’t Nothin’ to Mess With

It’s Like Starbucks, but Sexier

Pretty Sure That’s Not What “Free” Means…

“We May Be Sh*t, but We’re a Ton of It!”

Population: That Nerd in Your Econ Class

That’s One Way to Stand Out

Not Sure Why the Geriatric Community Has Gotten So Involved…

13-Year-Old Boys Everywhere, Rejoice!

A-Style is Basically Doggy Style for the Bathroom Sign People

“He Died in a Freak Gasoline Fight Accident.” – Zoolander

No Allowed

Well, if You Say So!

English is Definitely This Billboard’s Second Language

Home of the KKK

This Road Is a Combination of Our Favorite Ice Cream and Our Favorite Sandwich

Every Word This Guy Learned in  English Class is On This Sign
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