38 Awesome Things Seen Through a Microscope

You may be grossed out by the thought of a maggot… until you see some of these bad boys up close! Somehow a close-up chicken embryo can be adorable while magnified chocolate is totally gross. You’ll not only see the tiniest of creatures in a whole new light, but unearth the hidden beauty in objects you see every single day. Though you probably won’t be surprised to see how incredible a snowflake looks up close, you might just be stunned to find out how gorgeous a grain of salt can be or how intricate a strip of Velcro really is. These close-up pictures will totally rock your world!
So get ready to see your world in a whole new light! For better or worse, get reacquainted with everyday objects like you’ve never seen them before with these cool microscope ! What do you wish you could see up close?

This Peacock Feather!

This Snow!

This Super Close-Up of Chalk!

This Gecko Foot!

This Dust!

This Epic Looking Salt!

This Velcro!

A Guitar String!

This Needle and Red Cotton Thread!

This Vinyl Disc!

This Banana!

This Oddly Adorable Chicken Embryo!

This Surprisingly Festive Orange Juice!

These Blood Cells!

This Human With a Split End!

These Mosquito Eyes!

This Football Jersey Fabric!

This Sort of Awesome Spider Skin!

This Human Sweat Pore!

This Pollen!

This Pineapple Leaf!

This Pencil Graphite!

Ew! This Sutured Wound!

Ah! This Caterpillar!

This Wasp Head!

This Human Eyelash!

This Housefly Foot!

This Toilet Paper!

This Ant Face!

This Postage Stamp!

This Slightly Terrifying Flea!

These Tooth Brush Bristles!

This Alarmingly Gross Used Dental Floss!

Whoa! This Maggot!

Ah! This Spider Eye!

This Oddly Disgusting Human Tooth!

This Less Than Appetizing Chocolate!

This Swollen Tick!

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