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3D Street Art You Won't Believe Isn't Real

Even if you’ve never considered yourself a big fan of modern art, you might be surprised at the vast array of different art forms our…

Paint splotches on canvases aside, one of the truly interesting things the art of the past few decades has brought about is the transformation of graffiti from stereotypical vandalism to the inclusion of truly mind-blowing pieces of art. Now we’re not saying that scrawling a cuss word on a bathroom wall is impressive or even acceptable, but we think you’ll agree that some of the following drawings and paintings are no less priceless just because their canvases happen to be buildings, sidewalks, and public squares.

In fact, these days, many of the talented artists you’ll see here are not only commissioned for their work but sought after worldwide. So the next time your mom wants to pull you along on a boring trip to the modern art museum, bust out your laptop instead and let her get a load of these awesome pieces of street art instead. Without further ado, step on into this incredible collection of 3D street art you won’t believe isn’t real.

This Air Conditioning May Be Fake, but It Makes Working out Look Totally Ninja

Artist: Joe Hill

Consider This a Minor Detour

Artist: Edgar Mueller

Best Blank Wall Camo Ever

Artist: Nina Camplin

Tons of Fun with 3D Destruction!

Artist: Julian Beever

Proof that Destruction Can Be an Artform

Artist: John Pugh

Gotta Love the Guy Walking Through the Raging Waters in the Background

Artist: Edgar Muller and Manfred Stader

Going Nowhere Has Never Looked so Fun

Artist: Julian Beever  

There May Be More Going on Outside This Building than Inside of It…

Artist: Fresque du Petit-Champlain

Eat Your Heart out Starbucks

Artist: Manfred Stader

How Awesome Is This Sidewalk Spiderman?

Artist: Kurt Wenner

And You Thought Your Driveway’s Drainage Was Bad…

Artist: Edgar Mueller

This Sidewalk Spring Will Make You Do a Double Take

Artist: Joe Hill

And Behind Beautiful Fake Building Curtain Number One…

Artist: René Magritte

Definitely Leaves a Lasting Impression

Artist: Julian Beever

Can’t You Imagine Cruising Right over this Treacherous Cliff?

Artist: Edgar Mueller

From City Wall to City in a Wall

Artist: Eric Grohe

This Gentle Giant Is the Perfect Man for Your Redecorating Plans

Artist: MTO

Sidewalk Stalactites!

Artist: Manfred Stader    

There’s Something in the Water…

Artist: Tasso

Literally the Coolest Kitty on the Block

Artist: Arndt Nikolaj

This Street Artist Senses an Impostor

Artist: Julian Beever

Coolest Dark Pit of Despair. Ever.

Artist: Edgar Mueller

Buick Just Blew Your Mind

Artist: Kurt Wenner

This Wall’s Home to the Friendliest Community on the Block

Artist: Eric Grohe

Mummies Be Like, “New York City? Freakin’ Mapquest.”

Artist: Tracy Lee Stum

This Guy’s so Cool… We Don’t Even Care What’s in the Wheelbarrow

Artist: Eduardo Relero

Middle of the Picture: Flat Wall or Long Street?

Artist: Pierre Delavie

The World’s Most Illusive Fishing Hole

Artist: Shangai

These Balloons Say They’ll Do the Busting

Artist: Ciaran Brennan

Frosty, Keepin’ Things Cool out on the Streets

Artist: Julian Beever

These Awesome Ancients Are Partying like It’s 799 BCE

Artist: Kurt Wenner

These Hard Working 2D Men Keep the Steel Steaming

Artist: Patricia Edsall Hartley

Pegasus and Poseidon Popping up for a Little Action

Artist: Tracy Lee Stum

This Ghostly Gent Adds a Whole New Dimension to This Old Grotto

Artist: Eduardo Relero

Quite Possibly the Most Stunning Stampede ever Caught on Film

Artist: Kurt Wenner

Ben Here Is Looking Pretty Boss in His 3D Duds

Artist: Tracy Lee Stum

Ceiling Cat’s Evil Twin, Sidewalk Cat

Artist: Rod Tryon

Coolest Ode to Basketball Ever

Artist: Kurt Wenner

Tightrope Walking Is Much Easier Without That Pesky 3rd Dimension

Artist: Eduardo Relero

A Windowless View full of Windows

Artist: Roger Smith and Wiltshire Steeplejacks

The Baddest Vampire on the Block

Artist: Rod Tryon

These Monkeys Riding This Dragon

Artist: Julie Kirk Purcell

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