41 Everyday Objects That Look Super Sad

Why do these that look sad, well, look sad? Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon where we take a stimuli, usually an every day object, and our mind interprets patterns or assigns a human like face to it. You’ve seen this any time you look at a chair, or a house, and see three holes and go: “that sure looks like a smiling face, doesn’t it honey?” and your wife goes, “not now Robert, I’m just trying to relax,” so you draw a of the chair or house face to give to her later when she’s less grumpy. You’re a great husband.

Take a look at these of everyday objects that not only look like they’ve got and personalities, these particular ones look like they’re having a terrible day. From sad objects like coat hangers that appear to be shrieking in , to freshly cut fruits that seem depressed about their imminent demise, these objects just might make you cry with how depressed they seem.

Don’t forget to vote up your favorite , and keep your eyes peeled for more sad pareidolia out in the world – you never know when you’ll have to cheer up a park bench!

This Light Gave Up on Life

The Sad Clown in the Elevator

Any Last Words?

It Ain’t Easy Being Potato

The Saddest Orchid There Ever Was

Sad Hat Just Wants to Be Worn


Oh No!! It’s Back!!

These Treads Have Lost Hope

A Pancake That Doesn’t Want to be Eaten

Sad Eggplant Wishes You’d Give Him a Chance

Being Made of Chocolate Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Please Don’t Eat Me!

Trying to Escape from the Kindergarden

Grumpy Old Man Pepper Is Feeling Down

This Poor Brick Just Wants to Be Back in Its Place

This Microphone Is Freaking Out, Man!

Mail Trucks Have a Hard Time Catching the Holiday Spirit

Sad Jacket Can’t Shake the Gloom

Disappointed Sloth Steering Wheel

From Sad to Mad in the Blink of an Eye

Grumpy Lemon Loaf Has Had Enough

Feminine Pads Are for WHAT?

This Potato Is Feeling Existential

“Why Did You Cut Us Up?!”

This String Had a Bad Day

What a Rude Cactus!

Oh, God, What Have You Done???

Ugh, Stop Walking on my Face!

Sad Bananas, Soaking Up the Tragedy

Sad BagsTalking Smack

Sad Socks Are Sick of Being Walked All Over

It’s Always Sad When the Party’s Over

This Plug Looks Like an Emo Pig

Plug Having an Existential Crisis

This Tent’s Feeling Down

 Pizza Guardian

Forever Alone…

Sad Table Cries a Single Paper Tear

These Seats Are Terrified Of Bus Rides

Someone’s Unhappy with the Morning Commute

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